Phase 2 passing out HMS Sultan.


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Hi my son getting on great in Phase 2 marine engineer (submariner) he has just gave us dates for pass out and states its full divisions?. Does that mean it's very like HMS Raleigh passing out day? Have looked on the net but all the footage is of Raleigh which was a brilliant day. Just wondering what to expect. Cannot find any information - Thanks.
It's a morning session inside in the colder months and outside in warmer / dry days. Not as much pomp and ceremony as Raleigh but still a fabulous experience. A lot of family booked into the premier inn, Gosport a 2 minute drive from Sultan. Enjoy the day and have your tissues to hand.

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Thanks jay jay I have looked in you tube etc and there is nothing about HMS sultan pass out. My son said it was full divisions on the parade square which I did not want to appear ignorant and ask what that meant!
My son passed out in January and they had pass out indoors. They were the first of the new ME course to pass out.Their were several speeches and the certificate and award presentation, a small drill due to it being inside then a light lunch provided. People were smart casual some in suits and others in shirt and tie. Your as bad as me, over 12 months down the line and I am still unsure on divisions. Hope that helps

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It might be that his passing out event is taking place at the same time as something larger and his class may therefore be part of a larger parade...similar to that at Raleigh.
Does divisions just mean on parade?
Yes, it's called Divisions in the RN beacause in the days of sail, ships companies were divided into groups (therefore a "division") with a divisional officer overseeing the welfare of those in his "division".

Divisions were held for Sunday prayers and when a new captain joined so he could inspect his ships company (or for a visiting dignitary), incidentally, it's why medals were brought about, so inspecting officers could see at a glance how experienced his ships company were (or Regiment in the Army).
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