Phase 2 luggage...

Will we be told exactly what and what not to bring to phase 2 training? am not sure what items to tell the folks to bring when i pass out and go into to phase 2 as i won't be going back up north to come all way back down again on same weekend.

can somebody give me a rough guide on whats acceptable? i.e is a couple of sets of civvy clothes and a few books and personal belongings (bills, passport and what not) ?

am not sure how much room we get?

p.s I'll be at Collingwood if that makes any difference


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Hello there young fisgarder :D
You'll get double lockers there so take your pad lock,you can take as many civvies as u like,they're quite roomy them lockers,and you can hang your kit,non of that a4 folding crap.A good thing is you'll have a fridge there and if you're lucky you'll have a microwaive for them 8p noodles you can get down at asdas.
TAKE your passport. you can even take crap like playstations,i-pod etc.
But what usually happens is u'll get somenone comming down from collingwood when you're in week 8 or something,to give u the usual "collingwoods brilliant" crap speech so u can ask them then about any specific question u might have.
BTW just out of curiosity what branch have u chosen.
StixJimboRM said:
Why don't you ask one of your instructors?

Seems the simplest solution to your conundrum to me, after all they know EXACTLY what will be happening during your move on to phase 2
:roll: :roll:
Wow genius!!!

8O :lol: :lol:


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Bloomin SEA spec's,and one from Fisgard*ody hell what has this world come to,well enjoy collingwood and RALEIGH coz u'll be spending ALOT there.
am at collingwood now its alot better
6 man mess in the main room and two people have there own room so its 8 overall but they are like 3 story high flats wardrobes are big so take as much clothes as you want but take lots of hangers. after 4.30 you can do what you want apart from cleaning mess at 6! go bed when you want etc. miles more relaxed if not on duty at the weekend can go out all day


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You can also leave during the week as soon as you're secured,aslong as you're not on duty,in you're first weeks, or if its Mondays clean ship! You'll only get a cabin if you're over 17 which also means you'll have to be in bed before 12am bed checks!But everyone has to be up before 10:30 am on the weekends.
Also don't believe anyone in bryson office who says that u'll be the next one getting the next available space in(whatever that block's called with the washing machines and tv rooms and microwaives)forgot what it's called. Was doing mess checks in there with a WO one day,they say that it's full but found out that theres loads of beds available they just don't give them out,there the secrets out HaHaHa! :twisted:
Cabins in Collingrad!!!

Has it become a luxury cruise stone liner? :roll:

Ah, I've just Googled the RN Good Accomodation Guide and it has come up with the information below (Crown Copyright).

The accommodation provided at HMS Collingrad reflects the possible life experiences of Phase 2 recruits. The older ratings aged 17+ can expect accommodation that is a little more comfy than that available to Juniors.

Cabin 911 for "adult" Phase 2 trainees, complete with all MOD-cons:

Cabin 111 for Juniors, is a little more basic:

Juniors accommodation includes the additional facility of a balcony, to compensate them for being subject to the cruel and humiliating Cinderella leave. However they need special care and attention as they are young, innocent, and need mothering in the facts of life.

As a result Pusser Enterprises provides them with a Sea Mum, officially called the Juniors Social Awareness Instructor, who prepares them for the sort of extracurricular activities that their older messmates take for granted, including practical instruction in the art of pulling. They leave Collingrad confident and able to beat any "adult" rating (unblessed with the special training of the Sea Mummy) at pulling females.

This is the balcony of cabin 111 complete with Sea Mummy Jenny, waiting to welcome her new arrivals.



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I don't know about that,but i doubt it because everyone has to muck in during clean ship and other stuff so doubt it.You can go during weekends.
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