Phase 2 @ HMS Sultan


Lantern Swinger
Sorry, I don't mean to piss on your parade, but i've lived with 3 of my girlfriends in the past, and each one i've thought was the one... especially the first one. But things change. I hope you do stay together, good luck to you. But young love rarely lasts.


I just dont understand how you'd think that comment would be constructive in any way, or inducive to any kind of interesting conversation.
I'm sick to death of people like you reading a couple of comments and thinking they know the whole story, and then automatically thinking that you know best, and that obviously everyone wants to know your opinion on my relationship.
Well they don't.
And I don't.


well you don't exactly sound like Mr Optimism yourself
I cant really be arsed to continue this any further, so lets just agree to disagree
and maybe you shouldn't remark on my very happy relationship with my favourite sailor boy =]
and we'll get along like a house on fire from now on =]
wouldnt that be nice??


War Hero
You are.

Mid-day. I think divisions kicks off around 1400, so 1300ish is when they seem to be arriving. You, or more likely his parents, will receive a letter all about it in plenty of time.

Spot on scouse :thumbleft: