Phase 2 @ HMS Sultan

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by swampy88, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I desperately need to hear from anyone who has done their Phase 2 training at Sultan, Are you allowed to get your own place to go home to every night, or are you restricted to staying on base?
  2. A potential recruits Mrs Stix!
  3. Sorry, my punctuation. A potential recruit's Mrs, stix
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I could and am prob wrong, but I'm sure you have to stay a VM in Sultan for the first few weeks, shacked up in the old Rodney, Hood or Nelson buildings.
  5. I remember part 2 as still being quite strict. Surely you're still learning the whys and wherefores of the RN, apart from the intro to your chosen trade. Part 3 was more relaxed, but not that much.

    I'm presuming the trainees live an "0800 to 1600" lifestyle, so it's not so much a way of life anymore, just a job.

    I know, I know, times change..............
  6. Desperate to know cos im movin to the Uk to be with my fiancée whose startin phase 2 nxt month, and we were hoping we could get a place together.
    It looks like you're right Witsend, i finally found someone at the hive who could help me.
    1st 2 weeks he'll have to stay on base, but after that he can come home to me every night =]
    thanks for the help guys!
  7. I hope for your sake that its a strong relasionship,and no i arnt taking the piss,what you going to do when he gets deployed for 9 months ??
  8. ouch 9 months?
    well, hopefully he's gonna leave asap after training
    so if they wanna send him away they only got less than a year to do it in
    also, he's gonna ask for culdrose as his draft preference cos we hear they dont get deployed from there very often
    something to do with the fact they only have merlins 'stead of harriers n lynxs
  9. So he joins up gets some training and then leaves,or have i missunderstood you,
  10. thats the plan, mr brownhatter hehe!
    well, MY plan anyway
    i spose it depends on him n how much he likes it in there
    ive heard it becomes quite a lifestyle that people find difficult to give up
  11. Anyone leaving after completing part two training will have not only wasted the RNs time but also their own.When part two training has been completed you are not fully trained. Training takes many months and to be of any use to a civilian employer you need to be at least a leading rate who has completed leading rates qualifying course.
    So if he is going to leave best he does it now and stop taking a place in the RN which a more deserving man/woman could fill :evil:
  12. Minimum Return of Service for AET is 4/4.5 years.
  13. I doubt hell leave the RN once he realises he has job security and an enviable lifestyle. I think that hell more likely leave you instead of leaving the RN after phase 2, not the other way around.
  14. wow, someone got outta bed the wrong side today
    the rn are lucky to have my fiancée for however long he stays
    i'm pretty sure i made it clear that it was MY plan for him to leave after he's completed his contract
    but ultimately its up to him
    if he's happy staying in, then i'll stand by him
    i'd rather my kids had a father that was there for them, not missing for 6 months at a time
  15. Bear in mind that Minimum Return of Service for AET is 4/4.5 years.
  16. well thats a bit harsh
    lucky i kno him better than you do, isnt it IB?
  17. Couldnt have put it better myself,
  18. what does that mean exactly, Soleil?
    if his contract ends they can't force him to stay, surely
  19. To be fair Ellie, I think that the posters have been pretty nice to you considering your comments. There is a massive waiting list for people to join the RN at the moment, so how do you think people will feel reading your post when they know that they are having to wait a year plus to get in...where as you want your Fiance to get out as quickly as he can. It is your Fiance who is lucky to have the RN, not the other way round.

    I went out with a service man for two years and I was never anything but supportive of his career plans, if you can't do the same then I really think then you should think about your relationship. It takes a certain type of women to cope with a military relationship and what your partner will need is someone who is supportive of what he is doing.

    Good luck with it all anyway, and I do hope it works out for you.
  20. Norway
    Once he has tasted the good life then he aint going to give it up, what would you rather be doing, going pissing up and bagging off with the boys or going to the same hole in the wall every night :p :oops: :p

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