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Phase 1


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It's pretty much a 7 day week initially. They aim to keep you busy as it leaves less time to have doubts or a crisis of confidence brought on by home-sickness. Although few admit it, separation can be a significant factor in determining whether you stay or quit at the four week point. We want you to communicate with each other and begin to bond as a team, so free time tends to be taken as a group rather than as an individual. When people are given time alone they tend to become absorbed into the inward-looking digital world rather than the social world which helps you through.

Thereafter, you'll find you get time off, away from the whirl of training and may get the chance to visit the local area off the base. Time off, however is limited, so travelling home or meeting up with civilian friends or family nearby is a pretty remote concept unless one of the three main leave periods occurs during your initial phase of training.

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hi can any one give me some advice on this.
After completing phase 1 at HMS Raleigh , what is the time between phase 1 and phase 2 starting


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Generally a weekend. However if you pass out as main leave starts it will be longer, and you may find yourself on holdover for a period if there's a delay to phase 2 starting, which could be at Raleigh or at whichever phase 2 establishment your training takes place at.

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Looks as if he’s still around as


just asked for a three year old post to be deleted. Asking to be forgotten by creating another account with walty mugshot avatar to do so may not be a GDPR issue nor a PERSEC one.


Looks as if he’s still around as


just asked for a three year old post to be deleted. Asking to be forgotten by creating another account with walty mugshot avatar to do so may not be a GDPR issue nor a PERSEC one.
I appeal to you to remove it as the signature and DOB and pic are very real with a bit of digging my address can be obtained for fraud,.


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