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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wannabe_submariner, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone could give me a brief summary of each weeks schedule during the 10 week course at Raleigh as i cant seem to find it anywhere cheers :)
  2. sgtpepperband

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    Before the spoon feeders dive in, can I ask if you used the "Search" function at the top right-hand corner of the site..? This question - any many similar ones - have been asked ad nauseum... :?
  3. I have used the search function but cant seem to find any results that have a brief summary of the ten week schedule however i have managed to find a brief summaryof Raleigh when it was 9 weeks
  4. I don't think a week for week program is published to the public. However somewhere on the RN site are diaries from members of each division which give a pretty good idea of what to expect.
  5. Like the monkey that is on fire above said, the recruit diairies are on the official website and helpful :) There is a series on the BBC website but it is outdated and shows the course when it was shorter, but you might want a watch anyway as the bits and bobs I think are in still a part of the training (I am still in the recruitment process meself so don't have first hand knowledge yet but have read all of the diairies and watched the series). Is this in prep for your interview or just as you are curious as what to expect?
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  6. Be like the old politician Asquith----Wait and see.
  7. This and other parts on the same page may give you some idea. Have a good time. :)

    BBC - HMS Raleigh series - Part 1
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  8. it is prep for my interview
  9. The diaries on the website should be enough in that case :) In mine I was just asked about what a few of the bits of training were and what would be expected of me such as the demanding fitness and things, so a read of those and you should hopefully be alright! What trade have you applied for? :)
  10. marine engineer submariner
  11. haha im used to ironing i have to work on my cadet uniform once every day
  12. I seem to remember it going a little something like this:

    Day 1: Turn up, get a haircut, do shitloads of paperwork and sit through about 10 lectures, experience the horrors of Traf Galley for the first time. There were a few back classees who showed us around and gave us tips.

    Day 2: Early start, head to stores after breakfast pick up a massive kit bag full of stuff. Spend the day being shown each individual piece of kit - "these are your overalls etc." Spend the afternoon marking up the kit with your name, learn to polish boots, have some ironing and laundry lessons.

    Day 3: Change into uniform for first time, receive first massive bollocking for looking gash, first PT sesh, first basic drill and marching sesh.

    After that it's a blur. Everyday follow a similar format:

    Call the hands, make bed, shit, shower, shave, clean block, muster in the quad, brief inspection and bollocking, march to breakfast, finish breakfast, march back to block, go to first lesson (this could be drill, PT, fire fighting, lectures, assault course etc.), if you're lucky you may get a ten minute stand easy to grab a can of coke or something (goffer), march to second lesson, march to lunch, again you may get another 10 minute stand easy now, you'll have two more lessons in the afternoon, followed by evening scran, then it's back to the block for cleaning, ironing and laundry, this will take up your entire evening from when you finish scran until about 11pm, you may get a quick 20 min break in the evening to make a phone call at some point.

    Every week it gets a bit harder, the PT gets a bit more difficult, the standards you're expected to maintain for your kit gets higher and you get bollocked more often for ******* up.

    Highlights include your first day of leave in Torpoint, a bit of Adventure Training at Piers Sellers or Scraesdon Fort, Firefighting, Damage Control and passing out.

    Low points include endless drill, dull as **** lectures, ironing and constant cleaning - do not underestimate the amount of cleaning and ironing you will do, I'm literally talking about 4 or 5 hours every single day.

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  13. It's all on here but in my interview I just skimmed over the basics and more focused on phase two.

    Royal Navy Initial Naval Training (Phase 1)
  14. Just come back from my RNAC and they have a folder there with an exact week by week timetable of HMS Raleigh. You also get to chat to some guys who are doing their phase 2 training so they will tell you pretty much everything that you want to know.
  15. :neutral:then forget everything that the phase Two nozzers have told you!!!!! See if you can talk to an old and bold Killick....and take all his wisdom and knowledge about training ..onboard :grin:
  16. Is anyone in the Royal Naval Reserves here? Could you let me know how the training goes for the reservists at HMS Raleigh Please.
  17. It goes really well.
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  18. Are you in the RNR? What is life like at Raleigh?
  19. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Stop being so lazy, plenty of info in Joining up-Royal Navy Recruiting.
  20. Drakey wanted to be in the RNR but failed the course so had to join the RN instead ;)
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