Phase 1 Syllabus

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Taffd, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. G,day Folks,

    Does anybody have a copy of said syllabus please?

    And a supplementary - Does Monday or Tuesday of joining week, class as day 2?
  2. Tuesday is day 2 and why do you want the syallabus?
  3. Thanks Wrecker.

    Interested in syllabus as my son joins soon and it, and the training diaries, are no longer available on the RN site.
  4. And I spelt syllabus incorrectly. They're probably no longer available because it's the new 10 week course, the first to go through passed out on Friday (yesterday).

    Was there anything specific you were after?
  5. What, just the one?

    Not after anything specific. Phone calls may be few and far between and I just fancied knowing what he was up to day to day. Ready to support and all that.
  6. A lot failed the day 2 fitness test and the ironing took care of the rest. Just a good job there was no soup. ;-P
  7. I thought it said stage 1 syphalis.
    Dickslexica isan orribel disease
  8. Just thought of a question actually.

    What size are the intakes and what's the pass rate? Although that is in fact, two.
  9. Nah, that's well cleared up, 'cos penicillin is wonderful.
  10. Penicillin cures dyslexia, Jesus thats terrific.:-D
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  11. Well you're the medic, I'll take your word for it.
  12. RumRat Medic?
    Do you understand the concept of a leap of faith?:laughing2:
  13. I invented it. Based on your diagnosis.
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  14. I managed to sneak this Top Secret/ Highly classified document out of MoD HQ, oh alright I found it on a train seat.

    HMS Raleigh Phase 1 Syllabus.
    Monday Week One
    9.00AM CPO, PO and Leading Seamen serve breakfast in bed, recruits are requested to fill in the breakfast order form prior to lights out Sunday night.
    9.30AM Divisional Officer checks that all have ranks have fininshed breakfast and that they all agree it's time to get up.
    9.35AM CPO begins making beds as Recruits are shown to the luxurious toilets (henceforth to be known as the Heads.), PO and Leading Hands to supervise drawing of baths and issuing of loofahs.
    10.00AM recruits are ushered to the Tailoring Department for first fitting of uniforms.
    10.30AM Morning Tea is delivered by CPO, fitting of uniforms continues.
    12.00PM Lunch.
    1.00PM After lunch lie down.
    1.30PM Lecture on Ironing, Part 1 of 50.- Putting the plug in the socket.
    2.00PM Health and Safety during Training an overview. Issues that will be discussed include, papercuts a cause for back classing? Breathing hard and sweating during physical activity, is this normal?
    3.00PM Afternoon Tea served by Base Seniors who will also provide a musical interlude on acoustic instruments to calm the nerves.
    3.15PM PT, a stroll down to the Spar for a bit of shopping. PT rig to be worn.
    4.00PM Review and debrief of the day's Training held by 1St Sea Lord. Counsellors wil be available for those in need of PTST therapy.
    5.00PM Evening meal. It should be noted that each dining table will have at least 4 charge points for mobile phones and/or hand held game consoles. The Royal Navy apologises for this lack of facilities but arrangements are in hand for multi sockets to be available in the 2012-13 calander year.
    Free time.
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  15. Every fuckin' coach trip!

    NZ, got to admire the effort that went into that.

    You must be bored shitless.
  16. You forgot the duty senior who calls in with hot cocoa on demand (bell issued one per recruit) until 0400hrs.
  17. No, I just cut and pasted it from the last "What happens when my likkle boy/girl goes to big school?" thread.
  18. I obviously used the wrong search terms.

    What a **** I turned out to be.
  19. Self appraisal is a trait I admire, you pass the grade with a correct analyisis.:slow:
  20. It's a gift.

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