Phase 1- Done and dusted.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Davelaid, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. In light of the current thread about whether or not RR is dead, here's a quick post from a relative newbie.

    Passed out last Friday on what was, without getting too sentimental, the proudest day of my life. Pretty special for my family too.

    The 10 weeks just flew by. Loads of PT, drill,kit and bollockings!
    There really wasn't a dull moment and the days flew by.
    We all mucked in together and have made a load of new oppos.

    The only slightly annoying thing was having 4 weeks summer leave after week 7.
    Don't get me wrong it was great to get home but most of us would have preferred to carry on to week 10 as we were really into the swing of things by then.

    The pass out day itself was something I'll remember for a long time. According to my family it was really well organised and they were really well looked after.

    What happens now? I've joined as an AC along with 4 others.
    Apparently we're one of the first direct entry AC, hence the long wait to get in(+2 years)
    Kept back in Raleigh for a week. Then off to Collingwood for WS training until Xmas leave. In the new year off to Yeovil. 3 weeks of intense study and then an exam to decide whether we carry on as AC. So no pressure then!

    Anybody about to join up, the advice is simple, and I read it on here ages ago-
    Work hard, keep your head down and keep your gob shut!
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  2. Congratulations! I told everyone on here I had decided not to go anymore as I was fearful of being recognised in training but screw it I'll risk it- everything passed and am off in about 6 weeks. Your advice will come in handy, i look forward to the bollockings most!
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  3. Cool beans. Well done Davelaid
  4. Sneaky!!!
  5. I did get a scholarship to do a masters as my knee decided to be a sly one and had to have some additional medical stuff squared away so applied to other things in case. But thankfully was given the all clear and was fit to proceed. So its lies and not lies but some lies.

    Forgot to say in the last post, all the best for phase 2 OP! :D
  6. Thanks :)
  7. Well done Dave, even if you're a WAFU!

    Now, keep posting!

    R3 - how does it feel to have your pants on fire? (Mmmmm, could be some interesting responses to THAT!)
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  8. I would say any female that has lived in pompey has felt like their pants were on fire, kings of Leon wrote a song about it a few years back but changed it to sex on fire last minute :p i did have a wobble but I will regret not giving it a go, I am so motivated at the moment dont think i have ever wanted anything more.

    Dave i have to ask haha how was the fitness? Brutal?
  9. R3 r u going in on the 26th oct?
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Davelaid , well done on your progress so far, and the best of luck for whats to come.

    I think that you are only one of a hand full that has come back onto the site once in the RN, so well done for that as well.
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  11. No, november 9th :) I take it you are going on October 26th? What are you joining as?
  12. Brutal? No, but fairly tough. As long as you have a reasonable level of fitness when you join, you'll be fine. They're not looking for Olympic champions.
  13. Well done davelaid. Good luck for the future
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  14. Well done Dave passing out is a great day for the families and not bad for you lot either lol.

    R3 youll breeze it , if my duaghter can do it you surely can. She only puked a couple times after phys hehehe.
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  15. Congrats Dave!! I, like many others, cannot wait to be in your position. Ah well maybe in 2016 :-D all the best
  16. Very well done! Can't wait to be off. Seems like I've been working through the stages in slow motion, got my fitness in a couple weeks. Hope phase 2 goes well!
  17. Yeah 26th, as a nurse

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