Phase 1 check, phase 2 check..

Phase 1 check, phase 2 check.. + On shore??

Okay i hope this isn't too much of a stupid question but no less, i do expect some ridicule.

So i'm perfectly clear on what happens during Phase 1 training, and then Phase 2 training, then i should go on a deployment for however long, after that stage, i'm back to Collingwood for a good few months more training (CIS branch).

Now when does this training end, and when it does, how does accomodation work? Does the navy always put you up somewhere? Would it be worth me looking at getting a mortgage on a house as am in the process of saving up for a deposit anyway, or would it not be worth it as the navy would always put me up with subsidised accomodation.

Do i have to pay for accomodation while in training?

Edit: Also, any communicators ex/present what sort of jobs would i be doing shoreside(roughly) and would there be much of it?

Thanks alot in advance
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Training never ends per se. While you may eventually qualify as a CIS Rating, you will continue Training for Promotion to learn new skills and keep your current oones up to scratch.
Accomodation wise you'll be allocated a bedspace and you'll pay for it, meals are now on a pay as you dine (Generally you go to the Galley see what's on offer and then fack off to MacDonalds:happycry: . Or you get what you want at the Galley and pay for it then and there.)after all no other employer would give you free bed and board would they?
If you're working the RN will always have a pit for you somewhere, it might not be 5 Star and charges to you will change if accomodation is below par, in your own time Leave etc you sort yourself out.
Keep saving it doesn't hurt to have a bit of dosh salted away, I'd wait on buying a house until you know where you're going to go to, Home Port etc.
CIS stuff will have to wait for someone who can do the joined up writing.
Thanks Bootneck, bit silly i didn't really consider that training never really ends, so how much roughly is the subsidised RN accomodation? I have checked the site but can't see anything. Yeah i'll keep saving anyway in my current job, i'll need to as i will be taking a fairly big paycut for the first few years so want some backup.

Any info on the CIS jobs while ashore would be great anyone
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