Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Having noticed a few phots of people's dogs in the photo gallery, I thought I would start a thread about pets.

    So what pets do you have? Why do you have them? What do they get up to that makes you happy?

    I have a cat called Sprite, well it's actually the wife's. I get on with it OK but I'd rather have a dog.

    I also have a fish tank which I bought as a complete beginner, with 12 Malawi Cichlids, 2 Australian Blue Lobsters (Blue Crayfish) and 1 mental sucker fish thing that looks like a baby shark for £120.
    It also came with all the pumps, filters and a load of artificial plants and some rocks. (Cichlids will eat real plants.)

    I feed them all once every two days with a mixture of pellets for the fish and frozen prawns for the lobsters. Once every 2 months I empty half the water and refill it again also taking out the filter and rinsing it under a tap.

    I've had the tank for 2 years now with just two Cichlids dying but 4 babies were born so I am now 2 up. The guy who I bought the tank from had it for 5 years so some of the fish and the lobsters are over 7 years old.
  2. Must r e s i s t............2DD's wife's pussy..........too easy to comment..........I'm being set up for a fall.......MMMmmmmm lemony and limey.......Sprite.

    We have a veritable menagerie. 2 siamese cats (he's as stupid as a stupid thing on stupid day, she's too much of a scardey cat and doesn't like me...sounds like my wife), 2 thoroughbred horses, a spotty dog (she's brilliant. Never thought I was a dog person but truly excellent company), a siamese fighting fish (who's right hard when he stands up to himself in the mirror) and a shed load of magpies and possums that come to The Tree to get their evening victuals. I'm working on taming a couple of kookaburrahs but Her Indoors keeps complaining 'cos I nick meat from the fridge to feed to birds......well they like it and they sound funny once you get a bunch of them cackling (unlike my wife and her mates :D ). Used to have a couple of ducks but they're not too much fun 'cos they crap all over the place. Tasty though!
  3. 'Kin 'ell, your place sounds like a zoo.

    My sucker fish could have your chogi ninja fish any day. :D

    We used to have a horse too but stabling it in London turned out to be more expensive than our mortgage.
  4. 2_deck_dash

    This is such a brilliant idea for a thread, I was thinking about something like this just a few days ago, when I was writing about Police Dogs in another thread.

    I was going to call it "Dogs I have known" but decided against it.

    :D This one is going to keep me happy for ages.
  5. Thank you my dear. :wink:

    I think ''Dogs I have known'' is possibly a more suitable topic for Monty to start off with.

    So come on then Sol, got any creatures?
  6. The only pets I have are crabs, however I've been informed that I will not be allowed to keep them at Raleigh :(
    I may have to give then to my girlfriend then get them back from her when I come on leave.
    My Scotish mate also has crabs but he reckons they are money spiders so wont get rid of them
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I thought my girlfriend liked erotic sex.

    Turns out she actually likes exotic pets.

    Good job I kept the receipt for this armoured dildo.

  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That'll be the rabbit then! 8O :twisted:
  9. Good thread idea 2DD.

    I have a big black pussy called Oscar, he is a fat thing as my mother feeds him stupid amounts of food. He is ace though and is currently specialising in squirrel chasing. He isn't doing to well but soon he will be a hunting god.

    I used to have two fish tanks and worked in a fish shop for a while so know my stuff, i also had blue lobsters. Your electic blue chilchids are very nice, know as Sciaenochromis fryeri if my info is correct. I always found them to be pain in the arse and to keep 'em happy they needed atleast to females to one male (much like some folk on here :wink: ).

    Anyway if you ever change it around consider these bad boys, they have the same name as my cat and come in all different colors. They grow to a decent size and you can feed them raw meat by hand and other cool stuff, they are clever buggers though:



  10. Got a 14 year old Border collie who is on the downward slope now. Can't keep up on walks, has difficulty getting up, snores like a pig and constantly farting (much like the wife) but still nosey as hell and poking his nose into whatever your doing (not the mrs before you start) and a 7 year old dwarf lop rabbit that just seems to keep going forever.
  11. is it a duracel bunny.
    Damn me to hell i just couldnt resist.
  12. :D
  13. 2_deck_dash

    Actually, I don't have anything (yet); living up in town limits your choice a bit (as you know yourself).

    If I lived in the country, I would have an airedale and probably a garden full of all manner of waifs and strays.

    I'd really love to have a chihuahua, to be honest. Legally Blonde and all that stuff .......
  14. WreckerL

    If you can and without risking any breech of PERSEC, could you put up a little picture for everyone (I mean of the pets!)?
  15. Get some fish, I can't recommend them enough. You can get some really good second hand set ups from Gumtree that require very little expense, time or effort.
  16. As soon as I can work out how to do it from my PC or camera. I think I have to join photobucket or something like that
  17. I have a Irish Sheltie, never had to train him and does exactly what i say (well kind of) i will get a picture of him on here once i have finished work, but im sure you can google it.
  18. Here's my dog George, got him on St. Georges day.

    Got him from a rescue home, apparently he was found locked in a cage.

    I've no idea what breed or mix of breeds he is, the vet thinks he is about 5-6.


    Heres one from the day we got him, he was about 25kgs and since we have had him about 9 months hes gone up to 40kgs, He must of been well trained as he listens to everything but he snores like a bastard!

  19. they are nice cats dogs and fish. I used have a cat but he died. I have not got any pets at the moment but will be getting some fancy goldfih soon.
  20. We have four dogs two horses and a donkey[George] saved from the Knackers.

    One dog is a Ridgeback hates travellers beats all the security devices. One dog the fave is twenty years old. Had a cat a while back that died aged twenty six.

    Fish love fish especially with chips and mushy peas.



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