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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by spudsbit, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Do any ships keep pets on board? [the animal - not human kind, just in case there are some 'interesting' thoughts going on there!]

    The reason I ask is that when I used to visit my brother in law on the Anglesey when it was in refit in Rosyth [1988] one of the Officer's kept a hamster as a pet.
  2. When I was on the Eagle some of us kept crabs (but not for long) :p
  3. My parrot kept us amused for hours sing sea shanties :toothy1:
  4. One of my old shipmates kept a small hedgehog he called Quinten, but the medical officer told him to ditch it before everyone got lice or something like that. I think some of the 'carriers' had cats onboard to keep an eye on the rats - and the Rum Rats...
  5. We had a mongoose in Terror barracks, its name was cheddar.
  6. You'll be fine if you are on a 42 with splits, there's never a
    shortage of walrus and moose!
    Once you get the beer goggles on all birds look divva's!

    Seriously though, penguins, parrots, cats, stone pigs and other exotics like
    "Jaguars" have all been on board at one time or another .
  7. On Antrim coming home from the far flung, the greenies had a chicken. Yep, you read right, a chicken! His name was Donald, as they initially thought it was a duck! It lived in a boot locker until it got too big, then moved to the bigger drawer! When the skipper did rounds, it came to our mess! Got discovered eventually and was eventually given the the wrens on Mauritious!
  8. There was a guy on the Coventry who used to keep a tortoise in his boot draw.......I don't think the poor thing made it back from down south though. :cry:
  9. we had a budgie on the norfolk down the 39 until she decomissioned! we had a miners mess doo in faslane and the lad who went out for supplies came back shitters with what he thought was a canary.

    The CO was happy with it a xtm was even out for our new mess fit as a gas detector, they made the letters of budgie mean something clever. We used to let it fly free round the mess till someone accidentaly stripped its tail feathers and it couldnt steer although that was funny!
  10. On one of the ships I served on the PO's mess had a pair of Terrapins

  11. But all ships carry PIGS
  12. One of the Mechs at Caledonia had a budgie, story goes he topped up its water with some of his tot of rum -- Budgie lying on its back at the bottom of the cage -- somewhat stoned.
  13. On HMAS Otama we had a budgie called Bertram. he came aboard just before deployment because the lad who owned him had just split up with his wife and there was nowhere else for him to go. His presence was a poorly kept secret. During our first snort we watched with morbid curiosity to see if his head woud explode. It did not and Bertram lived on board happily for the next 6 months or so, until our return home and he found a good home at my place!
  14. :wink: :wink:
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    One submarine brought an Elk back from Russia, does that count? (still looking for the link)
  16. Janner

    Is this the one?

    From Metro Jan 16 2002


    Reindeer sailed on sub

    A SECOND WORLD War legend of a reindeer onboard a submarine after it was given to the captain by a Russian admiral has been proved true 60 years later.

    Staff at the Submarine Museum in Gosport, Hants, found a picture of HMS Trident skipper Geoffrey Sladen with Pollyanna the reindeer.

    The photograph was found when a submariner's family cleaned out old papers and sent them to the museum. Previously naval historians were sceptical about the story.

    Museum director Jeff Tall said the bizarre story came about when Trident docked in the Soviet Union in 1941 for repairs and Sladen went to dinner with a Russian admiral.

    'Sladen mentioned to the admiral that his wife had trouble pushing her pram up the hill at home in the winter and the admiral thought what he needs is a reindeer,' said Mr Tall.

    'As they were due to depart a bag duly arrived onboard and it was not until they sailed that the contents revealed a young reindeer.'

    The reindeer then spent a month in the cramped boat with 56 sailors as the sub was due to return to Britain but was diverted on a patrol.

    Initially Polyanna was fed on moss which had arrived with her but soon she was being fed on scraps from the sub's galley.

    Mr Tall added that the animal roamed the ship and the crew were forced to endure quite a smell as the days went on.

    Eventually Pollyanna made back to land in England and was given to London Zoo where she died in 1946.


    And it looks as if there was another one:

    From the Telegraph:


    Navy pets

    Cdr D J Foster (Rtd), Tilford, Surrey
    Last Updated: 11:28PM GMT 24 Jan 2002

    SIR - HMS Trident's reindeer was not the first one to be imported from Russia by submarine. We took one to Scotland in HMS Tigris a few months earlier than Trident's. I think its name was Minsk.

  17. Cute kitten. Pleased to see your messmates had both of you as pets. Can I tickle you under you chin please? ;)
  18. Well I knew the Torquay was a (Rum) Rat infested old barge, but jesus I never knew you carried your own pussy.
  19. I think I remember a three badge AB on the Woodbridge Haven,
    who was the proud owner of a Cactus called 'Flour'.

    But I don't suppose that counts.

  20. IIRC, most of the CMSs operating out of Lochinvar 1965/66 had a dog, mostly called SWEEP. And for the barsteward who nicked a little black and white mutt from the caravan site opposite the MQs in South Queensferry 1n '66, KEEP HIM !!!

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