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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by josiecats, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. yes.... they are a pain in the arse

  2. dont care..because im a lazy shopper!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok .... I sat in my local petrol station....why oh why do I have to stand behind dozens of people that are not in there for petrol..but just to buy food or loto.... why cant these people use a shop...instead of causing a huge que in a PETROL STATION..........maybe there should be two ques one for lazy shoppers and one for people buying petrol......
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  2. Always buy my fuel from Tesco. Collect my points and use them for Legoland Annual passes. So not too many shoppers in petrol station as they are all in main store.
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  3. Why is it they are only there when you are in a hurry, filling up for weekenders, garage toppers, filling up to come back, empty!
  4. Not just petrol stations "josie" , I always pick the wrong queue down the Co-oP , one with half a dozen peaple & another with one , obviously pick the one with one , big mistake every time as no doubt theres going to be a reason for some sort of holdup , lottery tickets , till cant decifer the bar codes , forgot to get the second item for BOGOF , happens every time , I just stand there & close my eyes & think fxxk it I'm going for a pint in a minute , any excuse , :wink: :???: :lol:
  5. dondon there are two well publicised rules about checkout queues

    Rule 1
    The other queue always moves faster

    Rule 2
    If you change queues then rule 1 still applies.
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  6. You don’t have tell me dondon it always happens to me also. :evil: :evil:
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A lot of the small independant flilling stations rely on the shop to make them viable. Brother in Law runs one and without the shop He would be lucky to break even. The major chains buy fuel in with a big discount attached, making it harder for the independants to compete. Before Tesco's opened locally there were around 8 filling stations in Dorchester, now including Tesco's there are 3.
  8. There are of course minor bits of pleasure you can gain whilst standing in the check out queue at Tescos' where ever.

    In the event of stroppy noisy child, announce in a loud and stern voice to the Child and its owner. "I have been appointed the official Tescos' (or where ever) child slapper do you want this little thing here given a good slap madam" See the look of fear on said childs face Priceless!!


    Man in queue will say "I have lost the wife" because she has gone off to fetch or change some item. Step in and say, "Here I have one take her" push your missus towards said man. Yes you will pay later but is fun.

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  9. The problem: RAF Coningsby is currently in a close second place I would be an unhappy Good CO if RR's/ARRSE's sponsor had to give 3000 pints to the RAF!
  10. All very well but what do you drive ?.
  11. Thank god for pay at the pump. Apart from when I filled up and forgot to pay a few weeks ago!
    Also, why can't diesel pumps be separate from petrol fuel pumps? Are diesel owners incapable of not spilling it on the floor? Seems not.
  12. You petrol chompers make spills as well. It just evaporates faster.

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