Petition to No 10 - Save The Navy

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Dangermouse, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Follow this link to the 10 Downing Street petitions page:

    Save the Navy

    aparently it started on Friday and now has over 1600 people signed up.
  2. Crikey DM!

    It's only been on the Current Affairs forum all week!
  3. Do shut up, Penfold!

    Not everybody reads that cr*p, you know.
  4. Si, Baroni!
  5. Would there be any reason why our Coxwain would disaprove of this?

    For some reason he does!
  6. it says the wars in Iraq and afghan cant be won and i am not particularly happy with that bit of the petition
  7. I would urge individuals not to add their military rank to the petition - firstly it looks like Navy trying to keep jobs. Secondly, persoanlly regardless of my views towards No10's current incumbent, it is not IMHO correct to have such an overt display by the military on a political site. Far better to do so in your capacity as a private citizen.
  8. Wise advice Jim
  9. I agree too, but please still sign, the underlying sentiment is what counts, Save our Navy!!
  10. IMHO we should keep passing the word and signing the petition - wouldn't it be sad if 'Save the Navy' got less votes than 'Repeal the Hunting Act 2004' - so only another 15862 votes to go!
  11. I'll pass the word but won't sign it mentioned beforehand, I don't agree with the part thats talking about Iraq and Afghanistan. Should've been made more politically neutral, referring more to the general need for a stronger RN, rather than bringing up specific political grievances and issues.

    I'd definitely sign one that was more politically neutral though.
  12. DM you arent being subversive are you , does that mean another of your fancy dress outfits may come out to protect your identity
  13. Can't think what you mean MC
  14. If they reduce the navys strength, then we will lose the war in Iraq/Afghanistan and Iran when that kicks off.
  15. We had out CO read out a letter from 1st SL last night saying that the stuff in the press is rubbish. And for us to ignore it.
  16. Our CO was not so assertive... ongoing reviews etc.

    Interesting article quoting His Tonyness today on the BBC though, "He said defence spending would have to increase if Britain followed his chosen course and the country would have to accept new realities."

    Guess it all depends which pot the cash ends up in.
  17. Always take what they say with a pinch of salt. :? (1SL)

    We need to keep recruiting and get number into the RNR, but the fact is that the MOD want a team to fight in the front line not at sea. The navy is too expensive so all we will need is lifting equipment ie ships to get them their. then we are redundant and expensive.

    £1M pays for a lot of cannon fodder and only part of a ship

    sorry to be soo depressing, but money is tight and we are run by accountants. Ships cost lots of money and soldiers are cheap, TA cheaper and RNR the cheapest of all!!

    so keep recruiting and let go to war! :p
  18. I rather think that signing a petition like this may not be allowed by the NDA/QRRN. Just a faint and distant memory from my time (regular) at BRNC. Could any one comment? One thing is certain, I do recall that it is every officers right to INVIDUALLY petition the Lord High Admiral. Though I think her husband may be putting the point rather forcibly to her, if it were needed!
  19. Same here, I felt I couldn't sign because of the comments about Iraq.
  20. Rimmer, I accept the comment you are making. But it's the action we're concerned about. Sign the petition please. You may not agree with all of it but if it requires us to threaten No 10 that they may loose their wars, does it matter? The reasons are theirs, but we need to protect the Navy.

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