Petition to No 10 - Save The Navy


Lantern Swinger
I would urge individuals not to add their military rank to the petition - firstly it looks like Navy trying to keep jobs. Secondly, persoanlly regardless of my views towards No10's current incumbent, it is not IMHO correct to have such an overt display by the military on a political site. Far better to do so in your capacity as a private citizen.


IMHO we should keep passing the word and signing the petition - wouldn't it be sad if 'Save the Navy' got less votes than 'Repeal the Hunting Act 2004' - so only another 15862 votes to go!
I'll pass the word but won't sign it mentioned beforehand, I don't agree with the part thats talking about Iraq and Afghanistan. Should've been made more politically neutral, referring more to the general need for a stronger RN, rather than bringing up specific political grievances and issues.

I'd definitely sign one that was more politically neutral though.