Petition to ban clamping firms

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by rictic, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi People
    sorry to bother you with a mundane item.
    I have started an online petition to outlaw private clamping firms and would appreciate all and sundry to sign it, I'd also request that you pass details of this onto all that you know. Clamping is legalised extortion with sums of up to £500 being demanded and or sexual favours, the bit that hacked me when I was clamped was they only wanted money (£352), I'm well upset, my body's as good as the next one when abused.
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You started eight threads on the same topic and your link doesn't work.

    Please repair the link otherwise there is little point in this last of eight threads remaining, and be careful where you park. :wink:

    Are you American?
  3. I'm thinking about starting a petition in order to protest about all these petition threads.
  4. Though not a lover of clamping firms I do believe that something has to be done about those who park their vehicles illegally. I do however support legislation on clamping which includes large clear notices to the effect that cars parked without permission will be clamped and towed. Legislation should be enforceable for size, positioning and numbers etc.
    Then someone parking illegally would have no complaints if they were clamped.
    In Llanelli Wales parking is a nightmare. Double yellow lines, zigzag areas near crossings nowhere is sacred. the Taffs park anywhere. I reckon a month of blanket parking ticketing would make the streets safer and easier to use.
  5. I'll sign it.
  6. I got through and signed it. I was thinking about starting the petition. Clamping is illegal in Scotland, why shouldn't it be illegal here!
  7. Try this link

    sorry about the multiple threads the system was playing up saying there was a problem with the site and supposedly not accepting the thread.
    The petition is to ban private clampers same as scotland as standard_bearer said.
    The companies are pretty much unregulated, they supposedly are licensed but still pull stunts such as parking vans to block the signs or puting up signs after clamping and fees of up to £6-700.
    One person according to a TV investigation had her vehicle towed away, she reported it stolen and was contacted a few weeks later by the clampers with a bill for £900. The average clamping costs between £350 and £500 to be released
    Now that is out of all proportion to anything. You all thought pusser took the piss sometimes but they are nothing compared to these thieves.
  8. Only private clamping is not allowed and it is really a parking space thiefs charter.

    A friend owns a small hotel in Blackpool, and pays very good money to hire parking for his guests, is it not unreasonable that he can get those who steal these places removed. Now I am all for the industry being better regulated, there do seem to be many abuses, but as I say what do you do when you are paying through the nose for the space and some one who has no right uses it and denies your paying customers the facility.
  9. For once Maxi it seems that we are in agreement. Its my belief that as long as a private parking ground is well signposted to that effect and the penalties clearly displayed then anyone parking illegally should have no complaints if they are clamped.
    However I think it is time that the government introduced regulations to ensure that these areas are all extremely clearly identified. This signage should be a legal requirement before any clamping is allowed to take place.
  10. Hi De Hi Clampers

    I agree to the petition in principal as the government seem to believe that "self regulation" is an appropriate means of allowing the companies to operate, in otherwise do as they please and charge as much as they like. :evil:

    I also agree that there is a need to be able to sensibly enforce parking regulatiions...but how do we get there?

    Hi De Hi ( charges ! ) :smile:
  11. May bee Tone is hoping the clampers may be a new source of funds for his party since the parage thing dried up

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