petition to allow a privately funded Veterans Hospital

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by Richie042, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Please sign the Petition

    Kevin Richards, a former Medic with The Royal Welsh, requests Ministry of Defence permission to build a Veterans hospital, which will give all veterans priority healthcare, on the current RAF base at St Athan. The hospital would treat both battlefield casualties – including from Iraq and Afghanistan – and provide hospital-based services for all veterans. We also to include psychological services at the hospital for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    The hospital and its running costs will be financed by the website, which hopes to raise millions of pounds every year by selling insurance and Shopping products online. “We need a dedicated military and veterans’ hospital and we need it now.â€

    Fly our wounded directly into a Military base and give them security and peace of mind that they are being treated by their own Regular and TA medical staff

    Veterans and friends of the forces will fund it, let us build it!
  2. Is this already 'fully' funded?

    If it isn't, then there is no hope if the Gov think they will have to put a penny in to help.
    There have been a lot of newscasts about the present facility and if I remember correctly, that has been changed to be a military only section.

    I will, of course, add my vote, but I think that the ever growing amount of petitions is now making the whole systems of petitions irrelevent.
  3. A dedicated "Veterans Military Hospital" is not the answer. Such a narrow concept hospital can never provide the full range of facilities nor the essential wide range of patients of all types/ages/afflictions needed to attract and stimulate the best medics and allow them to maintain and enhance their professional knowledge, skills and experience. This can only be done under the umbrella of a major NHS Hospital as at present. A "Military Wing" within an NHS Hospital, which segregates service and ex service personnel into a military environment with no hassels from disaffected Joe Public, but which benefits from top class surgeons and nurses who are at the cutting edge of medical knowledge, is by far the best solution.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would you be Kevin Richards?????
  5. Whilst I think the idea has merit, ie a dedicated hospital for servicemen/women. I have some questions.
    Who would the Hospital be accountable to MoD, NHS or Company House?
    You're confident that in the middle of the 'Credit crunch' people will buy products from you?
    The hospital will be privately run, but staffed by serving Armed Forces medics. Will they be subcontracted or will the Tax payer be paying their wages?
    Who will cover the shortfall of Armed Forces medics on Operations?
  6. Is there no hope at all for HASLAR?
  7. Even if Haslar was kept open it could never replicate the full range of top quality facilities and round the clock leading edge intensive care available at a modern large NHS Hospital such as Selly Oak. In its prime Haslar was a Centre of excellence for orthopedic surgery but, for example, complex operations such as brain surgery were never carried out there but transferred to Southampton General. I'm afraid that the relatively low throughput of Sevice patients and the restricted range of their medical conditions would not justify replicating everything that Selly Oak has to offer and crucially you would not be able to attract the best medical staff to work there. Sadly, keeping Haslar open is not the answer.
  8. I see this to be a hopeless and pointless excercise, if one reads the responses to all the other petitions on service medical treatment they have the perfect solution already and are not going to admit they have cocked it up by accepting this proposal.

    Equally I would suggest that this is perhaps not the best time to suggest you can fund the project through the sales of various financial instruments, who wil believe that is possible.
  9. Signed...we can but try..

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