Petition seeks South Atlantic medal for HMS Ledbury crew

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. In my opinion they do deserve some form of recognition for the part they played down there
  2. I know Ian and we were in the same class together at Mercury back in 1977.

    I think they should receive some form of recognition for the work they undertook post hostilities, especially when you consider that quite a few RAF were awarded the medal even though they only flew over the islands a couple of times on flights from Asencion Islands.
  3. Achieved the rank of Leading Radio Operator.....after 22 years....well done that man.
  4. Just for the record, Ian was very much a small ships man and did not wish to leave them, which is why he had no real promotion aspirations and it had nothing to do with his professional knowledge.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "YELLOW CARD!!" :evil:

    He may have had personal issues - possibly as a result of his Service - which prevented him from achieving a higher rank. A poor attempt at a joke, Spidiver... :oops:
  6. BZ SGT P. I know several chaps who made Able rate and there the stayed, through choice. They were all in the main likeable and dependable characters, who had forgotten more about their branches than most people would ever learn.
    Edit to say Yes the crews should be rewarded for their stirling efforts, they awarded the Mine clearance Suez medal in 84 for the hardship and danger involved in the risky EOD business
  7. SPB and Trelawney, see my post above yours. Ian was a very good LRO and he just loved small ships, hence no desire to leave or be promoted. He is a good lad as well.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Brigham: I saw it. But I know of plenty of matelots who served in '82 who - for a variety of reasons - chose not to move up the chain of command. I'm not necessarily saying that they were suffering from any PTSD (although some were), although some preferred to remain source branch rather than transfer to the Warfare Branch, which sometimes affected their prospects of advancement when LHs, POs and CPOs OMs took over.

    Either way, I did not judge them; but Mr. Spidiver seemed to from his very sarcastic sounding post above... :oops:

    Anyway, back on thread. I support the petition in principle, although like many before it, I seriously doubt that it will achieve anything. Especially when people like Eddie Grenfell are still not recognised for their wartime efforts... :oops:
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Seem to remember a similar issue about the award of medals for minesweeper crews after the Suez Canal crisis, or indeed the retrospective award of WWII Arctic convoy medals.

    Then again where is the line drawn? During the same active phase of the conflict, the RAF get DFCs for several 16,000 mile round trips to miss a target or a Navy commanding officer gets a DSO having fatally ordered 'check fire' on his ship whilst being attacked, or an Army commander leaves his men on a ship to be hit whilst the ammunition is disembarked first: Why not give campaign medals to the Ledbury, who served with bravery & saved lives whilst risking their own?

    If memory serves correct (and quite possibly it doesn't) I remember hearing that the Royal Yacht ships' company were awarded medals for the evacuation of British citizens from Lebanon whilst the accompanying HMS Fearless weren't. Possibly I've mixed-up the facts regarding the Lebanon, but it rings a distant bell.
  10. Having served on MCMV's, possibly the cushiest job on board was the LRO's, this chap obviously wanted to draw his pay, have an easy life and clog the system preventing others from having the opportunity to run their own department as a young LRO. As for all the " I know a blah blah thing since sliced bread, didn't want promotion blah blah"...Stop being such a fuc*in wholemeal organic sandal wearing social worker.... sat in an ops room on a MCMV outside the kill range of a mine whilst the divers are sat on top of it ain't a big deal, yet I don't see the divers whinging about a Brag Rag !!
    Pusser aint fair, senior officers decide who gets them and after they've shared them all out amongst themselves, quite often there aint any left for the lads.
    As for the Suez 84, our skipper was awarded the MBE, his speech to the ship's company included the phrase...I accepted this award on behalf of the ship's company, it belongs to all of us, to which an AB MW called out..."Can I borrow it for my sister's wedding next month?"
    Taking the piss out of someones inability to progress through the system was an accepted part of the Navy I belonged to...or is that another thing that the misty eyed lovies have verbotten!!
  11. I assume you must be a diver and in that case I forgive your crass comments as its obvious the hair gel, fake tan and pressure has got to your pretty little head and clouded the issue.

    As I said previously, I know Ian very well and he is NOT the sort of bloke you are commenting on, so why don't you stick your opinion up your release valve. :twisted:

    Oh and by the way, I served on small ships during my time as well; Cygnet and Brecon and also FSU01.
  12. No fooling you is there shipmate, and apart from never needing a fake tan cos we were always deployed somewhere nice and our rig of the day was a pair of Speedos and the hair gel ain't really needed, you sound a bit jealous. Sorry that I have offended you by dismissing your boyfriend as a Brag Rag chaser. Didn't realise you were a sensitive little soul, and my, weren't you the clever one having 2 small ships, but somehow I don't think that gives you divine right to i/c of all opinions. Oh and by the's relief valve...not release vavle. xx and a x for Ian :D :D
  13. Spidiver says
    Taking the piss out of someones inability to progress through the system was an accepted part of the Navy I belonged to...or is that another thing that the misty eyed lovies have verbotten!!
    WELL it was not an excepted part of the andrew i was in.I knew quite a few 3 badgemen in my time and each and evereyone of them was full of experiance in fact some of the senior rates used to ask of their knowledge and give them respect
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Always the way - whenever an award, retention incentive etc is brought in there is always a time definition. And there is always someone the other side of the line. The Argentine surrender was on 14 Jun and so that was the cut off.
  15. And then.... you have to convince the Honours and Awards Committee (a supposedly independent organisation run by those-in-the club supported by Civil serpents to award those-in-the-club) that it should be considered for issue retrospectively, which is nigh an almost impossible thing to do, unless you are a very high ranking Naval Officer (persec prevents me from offering his name ;) ) who can get one for something that happened 25 years previously ......

    As was "For'ard the better men, Aft the most honour" it could now well be
    "At the front line the better men, back in the offices the most honours"
  16. Boyfriend? What a complete tool you're showing yourself to be and nothing more than I would expect from a bubble head. I imagine you must have made it to Warrant Officer judging by your wonderful GCSE English. :roll:

    I see you are living in Essex - same place as the rest of the blonde bimbos of this world you sad act.
  17. A levels and a degree actually Brigham... now stop having a hissy fit and go and pick up all your teddies. I moved to Essex, not becuase I'm blonde, ( such an ignorant generalisation c'mon up your game man for fu*k sake,) but because that's where I earn lots and lots of money. I'm a Geordie by birth, but obviously I'd deny that in open court, so I'm afraid there's no coconut or cigar for you today, although you could petition with your hero friend and maybe they could award you a brag rag.
    If you think your oppo was seen "Diver" by Tony Groom and see where the brag rags went !! :D
  18. I have enough brag rags of my own thanks.
  19. swooon 8)

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