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Now I know that HM Coastguard aren't exactly RN but my missus would beat me if I didn't ask.

Currently those members of the Coastguard that work in the ops room and deal with 999 calls, co ordinate search and rescue tasks, task SAR units and talk to yachties on their radioes earn a shade under £17,000 a year. Meanwhile the snotty nosed manager at the local macdonalds earns considerably more. Also the chap in the fire station ops room who gets a call presses a button and says I would like 2 fire engines to go to ....... earns over £10,000 a year more. Some of you would say (and I can hear it now) "boo hoo" but did you know the Coastguard are technically on strike at the moment? The only jobs they are doing are critical and life saving only.

All I ask is that some of you guys and gals sign the petition to make the pay a little better for them. After all you never know when you might need to call on them...

Thanks for reading
I joined solent MRCC as a CWA back in 2001 when i left the rn -- crap pay for what they did - rejoined the rn!!

signed babe!!

There are lots of civil serpents here getting loads of dosh for doing SFA except to justify their jobs. :toilet: HMG has a slight problem with priorities-----again.


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Spent 2.5yrs sharing house with someone who worked for CoastGuard in Soton, she worked long hours for little pay (had a 2nd job to make ends meet).



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Wasn't to happy with the coastguards once.after a long time in the Andrew in the seamans branch thought I knew the sea and all it's antics.Tried to join the Coastguards but they said I was too old at 50 years!the upper age limit was 49!same for posties.When I asked if they would take someone off the dole at 49 with no knowledge of the sea they said they would above me.
I was furious but my my MP could not change the proceedure.
In fact I went into other things and made enough to buy a 26 Westerly Centaur yacht so I still admire the Coastguards and the sytem.The tossers who make decisions at the top'like mine,deserve to have their rectums infested with the fleas from a thousand rancid camels with their knackers hanging in a pool of hyena crap.
Think that's about it but I will support them.


So's yer Know.
Look into look into the YBW Forum.
The subject has been highlighted there.
As a Yacht owner the Forum might be of interest anyway.
Members of the Forum have signed up too.
I contacted My Local Station recentley to offer My services on a voluntary basis.
Not to make an "earner" out of it, just to lend a hand etc cos I had some time to spare.
The rates of pay were explained to Me anyway.
Crikey! what a joke for the level of expertise needed for the payement offered!
Disgusting! is a mild comment
If you Google , Motor boats Monthly or Yachting World or Practical Boat Owner the sight will show up.
Tiss diabolical, these bods are Pros.
I witnessed a coordination between the Coastgaurd , the Chopper from RAF Valley, the Holyhead Lifeboat and an MFV + a Vessel from the RNR.
Last Year.
It was evident the Coastgaurd Bods new their Job!
Im an ex matelot and have now been in the Coastguard for 18 yrs now, been there, seen it, done it and read the book. I am now actively fighting our case for parity with the rest of the Emergency services and fair pay.

Taking up the duties of the Union Branch Sec I never thought that when I left the RN that I would be an activist on the Union front however I cracked after years of abuse.

We continue to take the industrial action necessary to try and resolve the problem however the Secretary of State for shipping, the Shipping Minister Jim Fitpatrick and finally Mr Peter Cardy have done nothing but pass the buck between them without attempting to investigate a possible resolution to the problem.

The latest attempt is to send an email petition to the 3 individuals in a hope that public support will push them in the right direction. I am therefore asking everyone to send an email showing your dissatisfaction over the whole thing and tell them to pull their finger out.

The email can be send from here, please fill in your name, your email address and dont bother to tick the box - it causes spam probs. Then finally type in the security code in the bottom left corner.

Many thanks


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Done Mate,good luck to you.Tried to join in the 70's for a change,said I was to old at 50[even counting the years as a seaman!] said the cut off age was 49.Bit stupid if you asked me thought 10 years of seamanship counted better than some one off the dole applying at 49.Anyway hope you get there.
Email sent ,hope it helps .

Did Mayday at a certain time in my seagoing past ------ and was impressed with the instant back up from a lot of people co-ordinated by
the Aberdeen centre . Wasn't aware of the pay problem you guys are having but I hope that you do get some sort of extra pay or allowances .

:nemo: :nemo:

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