Peter Sambourne and Dreadnought

Nutty and Janner, as you seem to be the fountains of knowledge on all things under the water, help please.

As a junior seaman on the Forth, 1st SMS, Malta 57-59, I seem to remember that Peter Sambourne left the Sanguine for UK. As far as I can remember he went to the Dreadnought at Barrow as skipper.

Can you confirm?

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checked my Navy list Spring edition 1962

Commander B.F.P. Sambourne was Skipper of Dreadnought seniority
28th July 1960 .

Hope it helps--have the Jimmy and Engineers names aswell if you want them.

I caught up with Dreadnought in '65 /66 Faslane !

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Before my time Onions didn't join until 1960, Nutty is even more of an OD I think he started in 1961 at the RN's playschool
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