Peter Barlow Coronation Street

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Was "made" to watch Corrie the other night and they were in Peter Barlows flat. Being an Ex Matelot, as the story leads us to believe he has a few gizzits and things in there. Has anyone noticed the photo of him in uniform on the shelf?

    He is desssed in a USN uniform, sad, but I bet you all have a look!!!!!!
  2. Be honest. You're a closet Corrie fan and just said that for some street cred, as well as being a uniform anorak. :w00t:
  3. Oh S**t, i've been outed!!!!!

    But I bet you still have a look!
  4. Your right you are sad lol

    Don't watch it mate and luckily neither does the missarse!!
  5. Me thinks someone needs to get a life or help!
  6. Help, My Names JFH and i'm a corrie fan. Bloody hell that feels better.
  7. OUTED!!! :lol: :p
  8. You're not one of the BIG 3 are you as well? lol
  9. Might, might not. Not going to tell even if I do.
  10. MEOW!! :D
  11. The good thing about Corrie and Enders. I get to spent uninterupted time on the 'puter!!!!!!!!

    Long live the soaps!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  12. both him and the bloke that was in it from boyzone were brought in as ex submariners
  13. He's a socially inadequate alcaholic who has problems in establishing stable and normal relationships with women.

    Sounds just like a submariner to me.
  14. I was expecting more outrage at the fact he was wearing a USN uniform. I am outraged at the lack of outrage.
  15. Iv seen that pic thought i was the only one thats saw it haha... yeah they obviously couldnt get a rn uniform haha... i was eh ''made'' to watch it to... :roll: :lol:

  16. Also "Outed"
  17. I watched it because it was on and I was bored! No one forced me to, it was my own free-will!! (Hopefully now I'll avoid the jibes of being a closet corrie fan) I also noticed the USN uniform on the shelf picture... he does have a few other artifacts which are RN though, like a ship's crest near the kitchen worktop, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed a cap tally!

    How sad is that?!
  18. My wife told me all about it!!

  19. In your dreams,just admit it and take your punishment. :D
  20. I think the offending photo is just behind him on this clip, right at the very end (1:04 mins)

    I don't watch it...I just looked on You tube cos you lot were talking about it

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