Pete Doherty escapes jail AGAIN!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watch_and_shoot, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Whats is going to take to get that chav, junkie, waste of space cnut put in prison? Look at him smiling away as he's released too...........famous for injecting heroin and shagging some anorexic bint FFS. Even his music is shite!!

    Inject him alright..................with a full belt of 7.62!!

    Edited to add: .........................and breathe
  2. Why does anyone care what he gets up to?
  3. I dont care what he gets up to, but I do care that he makes the headlines over far more important issues and also care that kids see people like him as a role model because of the media attention he recieves.
  4. I wasn't aiming that remark at you spenny - just in general, why does anyone care, including the media.
  5. Bloody hell! I bet that hurt.
  6. The only "real pain" these idiots would react to, is if the recording industry stopped promoting them..or stroking their over inflated ego's.

    Nothing hurts more then being a one hit wonder, if everyone smartened up and boycotted his music, he would get the message real quick, but alas, the ones that buy his crap, try to emulate hopefully those gene pools dry up soon.(apologies to those on here who actually like his stuff...) :hockey:
  7. The only way to get him into prison is to make him not pay his council tax , now theirs a major crime especially if he was over 65 , the fxxxxxxxxxg moron ,
  8. He is the original oxygen thief and needs bumping off as he is nothing but a moron. Waste of victuals.

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