pet hates.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Haggis_Catcher, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Women at supermarket checkouts who seem surprised that they've been asked to pay and then take 5 minutes to find their purse. Look for it while you're queueing ladies!

    People who drive slower than the speed limit.

    The cult of celebrity and the tittle tattle magazines that gives these famous for fooook all no-entities the oxygen of publicity.

    I hate the charity folk that jump out at you on the street and say something annoying!! Like 'Hiya pal, you got five minutes to talk about saving the whales?'

    Bridgeton in glasgow.
  2. The one for me is when i take my Mrs out for a meal and she says im not hungry, so i order something then a few minutes later more than half of my meal is gone.
  3. Or not finishing what they have ordered because they are full. But somehow they mangage to find room for dessert.
  4. Chavs
    People who say "them" instead of those.
    Tattoo'd Sun readers that own Pit bull, staffordshire bull terrier, or similar.
    People who smell of garlic.
    stubbing my toe
    Fat women pushing prams 3 abreast on a pavement blocking the way
    Tossers with those gay little beards who say "Uber" all the feckin time.
    Vicars, priests, Bishops etc etc..they're so silly
    Turkish delight

    hmmm well that's a start

  5. Why? what the fuck the Welsh done to you, why wouldn't you want to save them?
    You'll be pickin on penguins next, Fascist bastard. :wink: :D :twisted:
  6. FFing lorries on the A14 for my two bastard hours a day I spend on it!!!!!

    And Crabs!!!
  7. Liars
    Muffin tops on fat Pompey spunk trumpets.
    Car drivers who jump red lights.
    People who say/type 'of' instead of 'have'.
    People not indicating at roundabouts or junctions (BMW drivers in the main)
    Reality TV programmes
  8. Drivers that cant be arsed to put their hand up when you give way to them
    Fog lights on when it aint fogy
    Bus Drivers
    People who let their kids run riot in public and do f**K all to keep them under control
    Pepole who clog up supermarkets talking
    God botheres
    twats that pull out in front of you then do at least 10 mph below the speed limit
    twats that drive at least 40 mph on a national speed limit road and then when in a built up area maintain 40 mph.
  9. I take up the case of your resentment of bus drivers good sir.
    Before anyone criticises a bus/HGV driver they should be made to drive one for at least a year.
    You will then understand why they drive as they do. For every car driver that knows how to treat a Bus/Lorry there must be a score or so who ain't got a clue.
    Buses pull out as most drivers know that if they do not, they could spend the rest of their lives in a lay by. Who wants a bus in front?
    I thought pretty much as most until I drove buses/HGV for a living, then................... :oops: :roll: 8O
    And whilst banging the drum, when I drove Ambulances, you would not in your wildest dreams believe some of the stunts car drivers pull when confronted with an Ambulance with blues and two's on. 8O 8O 8O

    I do concur with your other drips though, so don't send letter bombs :D :wink:
  10. Wankers who leave crumbs in the butter.

    Gym posers.
  11. they wouldn't let me in a club when when I was at the wales vs scotland football game.
    A) they said I was to drunk but I wasn't I just had a slight wobble off the welsh air.
    B) I had a kilt on and they said it was indecent clothing for the club the cheeky bassa.
  12. Chavs.
    Women at cash points.
    Fat people that blame everything else for their weight apart from the fact they eat shit loads.
    Postmen that are lazy.
    My bosses.
    Noel Edmunds and deal or no deal.
    People that talk bollox about others.
    Shop/bar workers who talk and don't help when there is a massive que.
    Road works when there is no need for them.
    Ugly people that think they are gorgeous.

    and today's hot topic - Whoever told my missus i know how to make pancakes :twisted: .
  13. The fuckin bastards, now I hate them too :twisted: :wink: :D
  14. Average speed cameras!!

    and ghetto speak
  15. Yo'all don't dig the jive?.......thats cool.
    Honky bastard :D :wink:
  16. Init.
  17. Repetitive threads.
  18. People who use three different cards at a cashpoint then go back to the original for withdrawal purposes.
    People who still pay by cheque at supermarkets(always oldish women).
    Old people in supermarkets.
    kids running riot in supermarkets.
    Supermarkets for all the above.
    People who do that quote sign with there fingers(complete barstewards).
    X Factor
    Big Brother
    Any other reality pish.
    My flat mate he is defo not a mate.(throbber who acts like a 80 year old woman paying by cheque at a supermarket with a trolley she cant control after trying to use the card machine 3 times).
    Politically correctness.
    That will do for now.
  19. The know-it-all cowbag who says

    "Unexpected item in the bagging area"

    It's no unexpected - I effin' put it there!

  20. Chav's - more specifically;

    Skinny little fcukers who kick off after 3 pints of "actatwat" and think they can take on the world and its brother. Clad in shit Argos jewellery, tracksuit 25 sizes too big, tattoo's that come free with a piece of bubble gum, rounded off nicely with shite facial hair and haircut.

    Elderly drivers;

    Pull out on you and insist on doing at least 5 mph less than the legal limit.

    Hen pecked blokes;

    Those fcuking weak minded males (Some I used to call mates) that fcuk their mates off for a bird. You dont see them for months at a time then when it all goes to shit - guess what! You cant get rid of them!

    White lads who speak like rappers...

    What the fcuk! Your from Somerset mate..! Not Detroit..!
    E.g. Tim Westwood - CNUT

    Arsene Wenger

    Nuff said. Miserable, whining, garlic eating Douche.

    The fcuking winker who comes in my gym and spends more time looking in the mirror than doing any gym work

    Think the above says it all.

    Do gooders

    Those that decide you cant fly your countries flag outside your own home during a national event as you might upset a "minority". Or those winkers that stand with a speed gun doing the work of the old bill.

    Ah you get the idea Im sure!

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