Pet chicken's £1,800 leg amputation


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About ten years ago I'm sat watching Tv in the living room, I hear a scream from the dining room. I run in to see my daughter chasing the cat around the dining table with her hamster in its mouth, eventually recovering said hamster and knocking the cat halfway across the room I give it a quick checkover. I know it's a gonner, back leg hanging off, little puncture marks all over it and one eye hanging out.

I'm about to tell her that the gently wriggling mess in my hand is already dead when my son walks in, two pairs of upturned tearful eyes and ten minutes later I find myself in the vets. I'm stood looking at the vet who has a solemn look on her face and a bloody swab in her hand, she gently shakes her head at me then looks at the cute little tearful dwarves. "there is something we could try" says she, I slowly shake my head at her, she nods toward the kids. "really, what's that?" I ask "surgery" says she. All I can think is that the bloody hamster only cost a fiver, we've still got the cage, we'll just get another one.

I was amazed to watch the vet remove the protective plastic tube from a hyperdermic needle. trim it down and insert it into the hamsters leg bone, she then sewed up the leg and bandaged it, cleaned up all his little punctures carefully shaving the little rodent to check for more injuries. A few stitches more and an antibiotic jab and I'm hovering in reception with my credit card quivering in my hand. The vet comes out, talks with the receptionist, smiles at he kids and then gives me the bad news, that will be £45 Chieftiff. I was impressed, the limping one eyed hamster lived for another couple of years before getting eaten again by the cat.

My point then, how the feck does it cost £1800 to chop a chickens leg off?
chieftiff said:
My point then, how the feck does it cost £1800 to chop a chickens leg off?
Because they saw the poor, obviously too comfortably off, pillocks coming! I'm just imagining the poor little chickadee running around in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own parson's nose.
Serious stuff here.

We had Fred the hen[true] every day at twelve Fred would lay an egg for chips and egg I loved that Rhode Island Red. Then this dog comes up the path and takes a chunk out of Fred he was going in for the kill when the cat appeared and thought you leave our Fred alone you will have to go through me first. [The cat told me all this later] the cat was on its back digging the old claws in good style. Then Prince the Alsatian appeared and through animal telepathy communicated with Fred and Prince thought what this prat attacked you.

So there we have this dog with a cat on the back hanging on like only cat claws can and the Alsatian chasing down the drive wanting a piece of the action.

Then we have the goldfish we goes on hols brother looking after this cute thing. :pukel: On return wife comments he has done a great job the fish looks healthier and has put on weight. Lucy the goldfish snuffed it while on holiday and took a trip down the loo brother took a trip to the pet shop.

How can you love a goldfish???????????????????????????
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