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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by guestm, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Right.

    The missus has the hump because there's a hoofing great Pigeon hanging around in the garden scaring all her favourite little birds away.

    Question: How do I get rid of said pigeon without scaring / killing the other birds?

    And no I can't shoot it, I live in a built up area.
  2. Catapult and a pebble.
  3. I'd be tempted to make a box trap from a cardboard box (or wicker laundry basket) with a baited trigger:

    That's the only way to have the option of releasing other birds.

    The other thing is to thread sweetcorn on to a couple metres of fishing line. Anchor the line at one end and allow the pigeon to work it's way along the line until it reaches the anchor. The sweetcorn and fishing line will create a restriction in the pigeon's crop and will not be able to escape; allowing you to dispatch it. Probably will not be possible to rescue birds trapped in error though.
  4. They don't scare away other birds. No bird is afraid of a pigeon as they are placid and don't attack other birds.
    Also remember that if you kill it there are young in a nest at this time of the year that will starve to death without the parent.
  5. If we all thought like that, who would kill single mothers?
  6. I'll shoot it with the .410 bolt action shotgun. It's ideal for little pests in built up areas. As I have found out many a time. Otherwise I'd use a baseball bat for sh*t's and giggles
  7. I beg to differ.

    Birds happily mince about, eating the chod my missus puts out for them on their gay bird table.

    Big fuck-off pigeon arrives, all other birds do one. If any stay behind, Pigeon hassles them.

    So yes, they do.

    Box trap it is.
  8. Might want to weight the box mucker. A house brick black-nastied to the top will stop the pigeon knocking it over.
  9. I've gone for a small sandbag. It's raining now but the fucker should be back soon.
  10. can wipe out a colony of them.

    Right...shitehawks next.
  11. Monty .22 air rifle because it wont take long before the fecker tells its oppos about the source of scran and they will start shitting all over your windows which you and not Mrs MLP will have to clean I presume.
    Salty old desert rat like you should hve no problem popping its clogs.
  12. Took it down with my brothers air rifle. Didn't use the .22 as it would have scared the twitchy neighbours.

    Got the ****er right through it's filthy neck and then smacked it in the fizzogg with a spade. I'll post a phot of it's head hanging off when I can be arsed.
  13. I'd be more impressed if you could post a pic of similar scenario, only featuring Matbea, or Deano19. :wink:
  14. Monty, If you do find the Plod knocking on your door because some outraged RSPB d*ckhead has complained have your story ready.

    Pigeons are vermin (legally accepted when attacking crop).
    You only shot when you were sure you had a adequate backstop
    You were protecting your crop/nearby farmers crop (peas, beans or anything growing these little sh*ts trough).
    If they try to confiscate the rifle ensure that you have noted any damage on it. Plod are notorious for mishandling confiscated rifles and all sorts of damage can occur.
    Do not admit you have committed any offence.
    If you are a member of any of the shooting organisations, get onto their legal reps asap.

    Most Plod have no idea of what the rules are concerning use or handling of weapons. They tend to go by whatever ACPO hand-wringing w*nk is currently doing the rounds on gun-crime.

    As this is the quarterdeck, where are the phots then pigeon killing Walt!
  15. Get yourself one of these owl/bird of prey silhoutte scarecrow things, bit safer than firing weapons in a built up area or having to deal with rozzers the neighbours have called.

    Jeez, I'm turning into a right heemer since I did that 'Feel your female side and Heart it!!' course. 8O
  16. ....or a real Scarecrow. One our RR New Entries was binned recently for same and he might be grateful for the job.
  17. I doubt Chico could muster the enthusiasm, oh did you see what I did there? :wink:
  19. :evil: PERSC :roll:

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