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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by blondeblackbelt, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. I have not found what I am looking for via the search tab, but, apologise in advance if I tread over old ground.

    I am considering a number of rating branches in the RN having recentley failed my AIB. Other than the standard pdf on Personnel Logisticians I have not found much information. So if anybody has had any form of experience within the branch I would be grateful to get some insight?

    Does the positian involve much sea time? Or oppurtunities to be based abroad?
    I appreciate that most of the pdfs say "there are excellent promotion oppurtunities", but realistically when is the earliest you could be selected for promotion to leading hand?
    Any personal experiences within the branch?

    Thankyou in advance.
  2. Cant tell you all the ins and out of the branch as im yet to start.

    All I would say is that you sound the same as me. I failed trying to be an officer.

    I was offered in as a writer and it has been a really quick process because apparently they are desperate for them. That in turn could mean there are more opportunities for promotion than other branches that are full up but im just speculating really.

    All I can say for definate is im off down raleigh this sunday and I only went into the office for the first time in May; where as I know some others have been waiting over a year to get in their chosen branch.
  3. Hey all I want to be a pen pusher so wondered if anyone in the position can shed some inside info on the best places you have been to or best place to ask to get based in the UK ?
    How fast is promotion as well?

    cheers, BIRD
  4. Blondeblackbelt you'll be looking at approximately 12 months shore time in a UPO after finishing your professional training at Raleigh consolidating what you've learnt so far, before heading off to sea for an 18 month draft. Then it'll be a case of 12-18 months shoreside before heading back to sea again.

    With regards to being based abroad there are still a few foreign drafts for AB's still out there, Gibraltar and Naples are two that are still around, but don't expect to be drafted there anytime prior to completing your first sea draft.

    The earliest you could possibly look at being selected for promotion would be at the 3-4 year point from date of entry which for most ratings is after your first sea draft, obviously dependant on how many people the board are looking at promoting for that year as well as being competant as a scribes and having decent write ups.

    Ibird22 you're always going to get differing opinions on where is the best place to be based in the UK, I've always been a Pompey rating and have enjoyed being based in 'dog shit city' but then you'll have all the Janner ratings disagreeing saying how wonderful Guzz is.
  5. Great post, thankyou very much :)
  6. "Personnel Logistician"..............certainly looks better on the resume that Writer :lol:
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  10. Author! Author! :lol:
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  14. We may officially be known as Logistics Personnel now but everyone still calls us Writer, in fact all Loggys are still called by their original S&S names, SA, Steward etc.

    RN by choice, Writer by ability

    Stands by for incoming flack on shiney arses never doing any work! :D :D
  15. Not much help...but this is the role I am applying for too, and would appreciate any information anyone has as well! :D

    Just saw the useful bit already posted, thanks search button!
  16. So SCRIBES :wink: Henceforth :lol: :lol:
  17. Do you need to be very intelligent for this trade or is it easy enough to learn all of the stuff.
  18. Oh I don't know, when I left I could truly say I was one of the Navy's Leading Writers!!!!!

    Old sod, don't like the new rate titles at all
  19. I remember the Pusser of a certain Type 22 who had 'Brilliant Supply Officer' printed on his business cards.
  20. If you pass the RT required for entry as a Log(Pers) then all the training is there at Releigh to enable you to become an competant Scribes, it's up to the individual to take it onboard and consolidate what they've learned.

    It does help if you don't have to take off your shoe's & sock's to help with counting though!! :wink:

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