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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by George_2oo9, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, I passed my RT & medical last year and have applied for WS. When I had my interview my advisor told me to go for ships writer because I have A-Levels in I.T, and I have to do my RT again as I am a couple of marks off to go for this role. I was just wondering if there is anyone who could tell me if they either liked or disliked this role for any reason? and any information to do with this role?


  2. Im off to raleigh on the 14th march, in as a pers(logs) this sounds really good thanks for the info
  3. Thanks StixJimboRM, that has cleared alot up, i think i will definitely go for this role then, well hopefully i get enough on my RT.

    Is there anyone who is a ships writer that could tell me if they enjoyed/disliked the job for any reason?

    After phase 2, is it 18 months shore based then 18 months on ship etc.

    thanks for all your help


  4. I believe they also can be trained as first aiders and firefighters too or at least thats what the chap at the AFCO told me. I can see the logic during a firefight the admin guy is probably the best one to be running around helping the medics and what not.

    I could be wrong though, but I'm going for writer too and still researching and learning everything :)
  5. I've been a Log(Pers) for a few years now, any questions, fire em away at us lads.

    It's a pretty good job though, loads of good drafts once you've been in a few years (Two year draft to washington for instance)

    You're pretty mumch right about the drafts, I spent 18 months at Faslane, and 18 month draft on here...
  6. Alrite mate im off to raleigh on the 14th march, how is the proffesional training, where abouts have you been?

  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd lay money your Careers Adviser was a dashed good looking chap too. :wink:
  8. Hi Ninja_Stoker, Your name is not Rob by any chance is it? haha

    Ninja Edit - Indeed stranger things happen at sea.
  9. Perhaps one should learn to spell
    One of the things I hate is professional spelt wrongly by a so called professional lol
  10. I hate liver...and garlic :roll:
  11. The professional training is pretty good, it's in Raleigh, so you get all the Raleigh bullsh*t, but you get weekend leave, and a whole lot more p*ssing up! :D It's 17 weeks worth, then after that you go to your first shore draft.

    I've been to Scotland and the gulf so far.
  12. [marq=up]

    Hi Chatsharris

    Do you get much sea time?

    and is it a different ship every time you go to sea after you have been shore based?

    These are probably stupid questions to ask.


  13. Yes, every draft (or assignment) is to a new unit. I see your way of thinking but you won't stay attached to the same ship - you'll do your shore time then get a totally new draft. Not to say you'll never go back to the same ship mind you, but it's not routine.
  14. Been out a long time, but as a Writer as sea, I was ships fire and emergency party (1st aider on one ship and BA Controller on another) I was also QRF.

    Still think the branch name change for the S&S is a load of bull
  15. You're far from alone in that view mikh, and I understand that changes are afoot, though there won't be a complete u-turn.

    Writers, Jack Dusties, Chefs (or was it Cooks in your time?) and Stewards are gone forever.
  16. I believe the terms used were slop jockies, cabbage mechanics and liver shaggers.

    I was led to believe that the name change were to make the branch names clearer to those not initiated into the parlance of navy speak, if so they failed miserably, in fact they have achieved quite the opposet and confussed the isse far more with inacurate brnach names, I was a scribes a writer and half of the work I did had nothing to do with personnel ie FONAC Orders Office, COMCLYD Reg, NTD Reg, G writer on Glasgow and Battleaxe, and I the Cash Office side was far from purely personnel, so apart from UPO work a hell of a lot of drafts are nor personnel
  17. Yes. The inaccuracies are annoying aren't they?
  18. I always thought the line that I was on of the "Royal Navy's Leading Writers" much better than being one of the 250 odd helicopter pilots on the ship.

    On my first ship I was Action Bosun's Mate, so I would have had to take over fom the Leading Reg who was the Coxswain at Action stations if he got taken out. Git never died, though he did let me steer once or twice
  19. How long did you wait untill you got your date after your RT?
  20. One good thing about the Writers branch is that if you get Developed Vetting you can get some interesting branches. Whitehall, RNEWOS at Lincoln, and other places - that you might not see in other branches. Dealing with correspondence you will see what is going on (but not share it) which you would not in other branches.

    Good thing as well (and I know it would be along way off for you) is to think of Transferrable Skilsl when eventually you leave. Assuming you prgress to killick at the least or senior rate you should have no great trouble moving into personnel or management posts whereas some branches which might look more exciting will not offer as many transferrable skills.

    Although I've been out for 5+ years Action stations - incident board marker, BA controller, First aider in the seaboat. Was blue card so did not do BM - but did get shook to type a pun warrant at 0300 in the middle of the Atlantic - life in a bluey!

    It used to be good in the UPO with the reggies as if anyone gave you grief about their T/Exps being messed up (when did that happen) the reggies would growl (in a sweet way). In return your wet their tea.

    It also means you know what to do for advancement and can give advice to oppos.


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