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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. 2000 british troops have retured home all unwell from battle shock. The fighting over is bad everyday they are shot at or every secound whats going on there they make it sound like its ok but its still bad there.
  2. What is it with you and the effing RUBBISH posts?
    Do you think that they are going to come back as if they have just been on holiday you effing child ?
  3. I was going to let rip, but it's obviously a wind up. Deep breaths Ling.....
  4. Perhaps Chico is part of some diversity programme Lamri - it's no better when he's in Lil's either. Either he's thick and has an over reliance on text speak in daily life (his poor family!) or is just winding us up. I have to say it works in my case ... the sight of his written English sends my blood pressure soaring ... instead of hanging around here get yourself to a literacy class lad!
  5. I think maybe you're right there GR, although if this is a wind-up (another one by this idiot) then he has definately crossed the bl00dy line there with his "subject matter". Like a lot of people who use this site, I have friends in the sandbox at the moment, one of which has already been home to get fixed and has recently been sent back out there with the kind words of "no mate, you don't qualify for the bonus because you went back to the UK". Threaders.
    Little schoolpricks like chigo need to get a grip, or better still, get a flight out there without mummy, then see what its really like without any editing from "Sky News".
  6. Chico is a 16 year old lad and his mate kgladams is 15. They both attend the same school and both freely admit to having learning difficulties which I suspect are quiet severe.

    In the chat room whenever they are asked to explain one of their more garbled posts they will do so and usually politely apologise for their shortcomings.

    Both the lads are as keen as hell to join the RN and are gradually learning to ask relevant questions although a bit of patience is required to interperate the context of some of the questions. Chico in particular has realised that he needs more experiece of life and has recently joined the SCC to improve his chances of successfully achieving his ambitions.

    Will they ever be accepted by the RN, who knows, but a least they are trying, in their own immature way, to better themselves and with this in mind can I ask that they be cut a bit of slack and be given the help and guidance that RR members can supply. The phrase "There but for the grace of God go I" springs to mind.

  7. Here Here Polaroid! These lads need to have the opportunity to express their interest and desire to join the Royal Navy (as ill communicated as it may appear just now). There are a lot of threads on this site that touch on emotive subjects such as pride in the forces, Iraq/Ghan, and the lack of support from the government etc. Can we not have a little optimism that these lads have had the courage to join RR and are looking to have a career in the Navy?? I personally would rather they be on this site and trying then working on their ASBO qualifications like so many other kids of their age.
  8. Unfortunately a lot of these lads have been badly let down by our education system and have been allowed to 'drift'. When they realise that they should have been paying attention it's too late. I hated school but was pushed and pushed and punished if I fcuked up - good job really as I got some qualifications, got in the RN and am still here 25 years later, top of my tree. Don't think it'll happen for these lads....
  9. If they are willing, then lets help them try and attain there goals in life.

    Most kids today dont give a monkeys about anything , at least these boys are showing an interest in affairs abroad and want to better them selves.
  10. I'd just add some support for them showing an interest, and if they gain something from the SCC, as a result of showing an interest here, then that's great. It might help them into the full time service later on, and it might not, but regardless it'll give them something many of those hanging about on street corners don't get.


    Chico, yes there are a lot of servicemen coming back from operations overseas with both physical and psychological injuries. It's been in the news recently because of a number of things. One charity which is quite important is Combat Stress, who do quite a lot of work but they don't have the people or money to deal with those who need help.

    It's worst for reservists who have to use the NHS after they've come home, and they don't have the people or money either. I think average waiting time is about 18 months.

    It is bad out there, and I can see why a couple of people snapped back at your first post.
  11. When they post crap like that, NO. They do it all too often.
    When they start asking pertinent questions and contributing to the site in a more adult way, absolutely :grin: . I will then give them all the help that I possibly can.
  12. O dear , Lamri.

    A man who has never made a mistake has never lived !!!!!

    Whats wrong with getting things wrong in your life, thats how you learn and hopefully better yourself.
  13. O dear RB,

    I am not just having a go at someone here for the sake of it mate, look at the previous posts by this gimp. He is having a laugh at school, showing off in front of his mates and i've had enough of it.
    Like I said in my previous post......
  14. Point taken Lamri I'll have a word with the lads and try to work something out with them.

  15. I though he was already in the royal marines like he said in his previous posts :roll:
  16. No doubt they'll be some battleshock casualties, but most of these men will be out letting off steam, hunting for pussy and drinking lots of beer. To some it may be a culture shock when they hit town full of the joys of spring, but to Royal, its all part of the routine.

    Lock Up Your Daughters, The BOOTNECKS are back in town. :grin: :cool: :shock:

    All the best

  17. Chico

    You're doing OK son; stick with it and don't take too much notice of the stick that you are receiving, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people and their reaction is understandable. Polaroid will give you help and advice and if you need any from me then just PM me.

    You are correct, there are a lot of troops returning home stressed-out mentally and it's a big problem.

  18. If he is already there :idea: , he'll soon realise they will give him all the phys his body can handle and some :twisted: . He wants to concentrate on passing out and talk to people a few weeks ahead in training, if he gets time.

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