Personal Preference on Ship Type

I am aware that after Basic Training, recruits are given the opportunity to alert the relevant authorities of their prefences on the type of ship they wish to be posted on.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I am looking to become an ETME if this is any help!
I don't really mind where I am based and I am not really an expert on the types of ships...I know for sure I don't want to be on a carrier but that's as far as I can narrow my choice!
ETME2012, wait and see, you do not have to put your preference in yet, especially as you have not even started training. I dare say you will get to visit a ship or three during training, then you can get a vague idea what it will be like on board and you can then make your own mind up where you want to go.

But there again, although many moons ago, I do not think things will have changed dramatically, after training in Ceres I had Scotland as 1st preference and Plymouth as place to avoid for my part IV training, ended up in Somerset at FONAC. For my 1st Sea Draft I wanted 42's out of Rosyth or a Portsmouth based ship, got a 22 in you guessed it Guzz. You will go where there is need, and if that flies in the face of your preference, tough

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