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Apologies if this has already been asked, I am currently in the application process for the Navy.

In my current job, I have a pension that both my company and I pay into. Does anyone know if I can request that I keep paying into this pension or does it have to be chosen by the navy?


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When you join the Royal Navy you will be auto enrolled into AFPS 15 -- but you can opt out. AFPS 15 is a non-contributory scheme so there is no financial advantage to opting out AND, of course, you would have no AFPS 15 pension to show for your service.

The exam question was actually about your existing company pension so it is one for your current employer. I can tell you that once a member leaves the Armed Forces he or she cannot continue building up pension in the AFPS that they belonged to.


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@vauxhall that's my understanding.
When you leave a company your pension is frozen with that provider, to be claimed at a later date depending on its rules, you can sometimes transfer to another employers provider.
@Garnett94 Best speak to your current companies provider and find out their rules, when leaving the employer?
Good luck pensions can be confusing.


This pension is my own personal pension that was set up due to the government's new auto-enrolment scheme and my company has a minimum contribution as well as I do.

I was told this pension follows me wherever I go all I have to do is submit a 'change of employer' form to my pension provider. But since you mentioned being auto-enrolled into AFPS 15 this has cleared it up for me as I wasn't sure how the pension scheme actually worked in the Navy. I'm guessing I will still be able to contribute to my current pension but I will not receive any contributions from the Navy like I am at the moment.

Thanks for the info! @vauxhall @Sumo


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The attachment will tell you all about AFPS 15. Come back if you have questions


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