Personal / non issue kit


Just a thought...

Whilst on board is it a case of issued clothing only due to fire retardant properties or can you wear military style kit of your own? Fleece / soft shell jackets or boots etc...

When I was in the other service (the one that likes mud, tanks and stamping a lot) non issue kit that made your life easier or more comfy “in the field” was common place esp. boots. I’m just curious if the same culture runs through the RFA / RN.



Lantern Swinger
Common sense prevails, but the official rule is that during working hours you wear the uniform prescribed on daily orders. Outside working hours officers still have to wear uniform, crew get to wear what they want.

If your personal gear blends in close enough to the official then the majority of people will ignore it (standfast grumpy Captains, XOs, HODs etc). But the deal is if you get hurt because you are wearing it you will not get much in the way of compensation, or might be used against you in the accident report.

If issued stuff like boots dont fit, or they cause an issue (pain etc) there are routes to get official permission to get your own stuff and claim some of the price back; however anything you buy will need to meet the same PPE standards as the issue gear.