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Personal history

Can the panel tell me where to look on the net to find my own history of service?

since leaving the Andrew, I have moved numerous times and have lost my discharge dossier, and now after thirty something years cant remember the precise dates I served on what boats.

Best regards,
Have a try here they might be able to help

Vetrans Agency

This from the Royal Naval Association

Non-commissioned ranks who enlisted as Regular Service entrants from the outbreak of the- Second World War, up to the present. Including National Servicemen who enlisted between 1945 and 1950, inclusive:

Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts) *,
Ministry of Defence,
Centurion Building,
Grange Road,
Hampshire PO13 9XA.

Telephone: 02392 702174
FAX: 02392 702211.

*Navy Search, the Department of the Naval Secretary, and Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts) are not open to the members of the public.

The Ministry of Defence will normally only release the information given in service records to the subjects of those records, or to their next of kin; and it may charge a search fee, which cannot be refunded.

Hope this of some help!
Thanks, very useful info, print out the form fill it out photocopy of passport and forty days later you get the information asked for.

in my day the badge didn't have stars top and bottom of it,they were just cooks, and if you wanted bacon butties at four in the morning while he was baking bread you ALLWAYS, ALLWAYS, called him CHEF! never cook. :lol:
We joined the pretty star club in 1985! And then the branch mixed with caterers and it all went wrong.... POCKs become POCAs and that was then end of our dear beloved branch....

Ah the days of baking bread on board and watching and listening to the middle watch and fridge rats trying there very best to be your best mates.... Such fun!

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