Personal first aid kit list?


my kit list doesn't include all the items that were mentioned at my PRNC for my personal first aid kit and I didn't have a notepad with me at the time to write it down. could anyone provide the full list here for me?


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The kitlist provided by your AFCO should be correct - remember to read the additional notes accompanying the kitlist as there is additional guidance within the text.

What does tend to happen is individuals seem to like putting their own spin on what may or may not be useful and invariably this causes unnecessary confusion and needless outlay. This can happen at the pre-entry brief in AFCOs or whilst on PRNC and is personality driven. There is no conspiracy to mislead, make life more difficuly or deliberately give duff info, but "helpful tips" are frankly, a pain in the arse.

The question to ask, if someone advises you to take additional stuff is; "Why isn't it on the kitlist then?"

The kitlist within the AFCO joining letter is actually "owned" by HMS Raleigh, if there are any errors or omissions on the kitlist, it is HMS Raleigh's job to amend it so that AFCOs can issue it, bang up to date.

The list does evolve over time, so if you have had a joining letter more than six months prior to entry, it maybe worth asking your Careers Adviser if there have been any more recent additions.

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