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I have been invited to a personal development course at Ghyll Head before a SIFT interview for my RN Officer application to help me gain some more teamwork/leadership experience. Now in the pack I received it had parental consent forms and such aimed at parents talking about their children not someone at my age.

Now my question is whether this will be exclusively for people in my situation in the process of applying to be an officer or will it be with cadets and other young'uns. Not that I mind I'm just curious. Also it has no mention of formal wear/suit on the kit list though would it be a good idea to take one?

I would of asked my careers advisor these questions but he is unavailable for the next few days.

(Apologies if this has already been asked, the search function isn't working with my uni internet connection.)
Thanks for your help.

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Applicants who are under 18 are given a form during their application for their parent(s) to sign, called Form 486.

I would imagine that there is a form like this in the pack which you have been sent, as some applicants for Officer are under the age of 18 and thus parental consent is required for them to participate in the course. It doesn't mean that you are going to be there with lots of young people - it's more likely to be the case that the person sending out the packs can't know whether you are under 18 or not and so a suitable form is included, just in case.
Thanks for the welcome and reply.
Ah ok I never thought of it like that and no it is a form from the activity centre not an RN one but yes I suppose that is what it will be.
If anyone reading this has any more information regarding the course and whether or not a suit is actually required I would be grateful.

With regard to there not being a suit listed on the kit list, I would suggest that you might like to travel in one, if you have one. You can hang the jacket up while you are travelling so that it stays uncreased and put it on shortly before your arrival. It just means that the first impression other people get of you when you arrive is of someone smartly turned out. Once you are there, the suit can be hung up and you can switch to the clothes on the kit list until you change into your suit to travel home.
If you don't have a suit, pressed smart trousers and a jacket or blazer plus tie would be fine; it's not so much a question of whether a suit is required for the course; I would imagine not; but rather, a question of arriving looking as if you have made an effort and are taking this seriously. Even if it isn't required of you, it will give a positive impression of you to anyone you meet.

For women, I would suggest a smart trouser suit for similar reasons.
If there are young people on your course, by the way, I would regard that as a bonus.

As a University student, you probably spend much of your time with people your own age or older. As an Officer, you will be working with personnel who are older than you, of course, but a fair proportion will be younger, perhaps a lot younger and the ability to relate to them will be a plus and something worth nurturing. Entirely my personal opinion, of course.


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Just a quick Heads-Up on kit required, having had a communique with the organiser of this Personal Development Course at Ghyll Head:

Whilst potential officer candidates would normarily be expected to be smartly turned-out, this particular course is an outdoor pursuits course & the course leader advises in this particular course suits/shirts/ties (or Female eqiivalent) are not required.

A change of clean, casual clothes (jeans/polo-shirt or similar) would be advised for evenings.

Hope that clarifies - any queries PM me & I'll refer them onto the AT leader.

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