Personal belongings on ship

Used to be Seven, but with the introduction of the new Mk XXIV locker the allowance has been improved to Eight, unless you're a WAFU, then it's Nine for the extra set of sun glasses
Surely if everyone's getting issued 2 PCS shirts to replace 3 4s shirts that leaves space for an extra item of civvy clothing?
Ah, see now, strictly speaking Regain foam is not a personal belonging, it's a medication so you would need a chitty from the doc to keep it in your locker - or if there's room it can be stowed in the sick bay for you
A friend of mine chose to grow a full set and therefore didn't need the locker space for shaving foam, which he used for the regaine foam instead. You could try that route?
Go bald and take a selection of syrups, change said syrup every day and go to the joss every morning and say "guess who sweetie"

It'll make a deployment fly by.
As you may guess from the responses, why bother, it's a waste of space and money.

If you're going bald, go bald. It saves on haircuts as I can vouch for :)
Matt676 FFS wise up.
There are no products available which prevent hair loss.
Stop wasting your money on them and spend it wisely on BEEEEER

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