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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Had my car serviced recently and the garage asked when the MOT was due.
    I told them and they have emailed,texted and called me persistantly to get me to book it in.
    I finally relented then cancelled it a short time after,going to my local garage instead.

    I am still getting calls and letters etc even though I told them I had it done elsewhere.

    The last caller was most put out and her attitude left something to be desired.

    Whats the solution to these people who dont take no for an answer?

    To top it it off my front wheel nearly came off due to the wheel bolts not been tightened up after the service!
  2. Your wheel nuts were loose! That's unusual. Normally the spanner wa**ers murder them up so tight that you need a 3 ft breaker bar to get them off again.
  3. I had to spend £160 for new tyres and track adjust after the last lot of chimps "forgot" to re tighten the track rods. Seeing as the only reason it went in was to sort out the wierd steering problem.
  4. Sounds fishy to me, as if they are after making a bit of money doing 'necessary'? repairs.
    I reckon it's about time we had the same system as a lot of other countries.
    The place that does the inspection does only that. They don't do any remedial work, thus have no vested interest.
  5. To get them to stop pestering you, write to them formally asking to be removed from their mailing list. One more piece of correspondence, phone them and tell who ever you talk to to remove your details.
    Next time they contact you go straight to trading standards.

    Worked for me.
  6. Has Mrs RG authorised you to be arranging your car service?
  7. Agree, their tactics are nothing short of harassment. If in doubt visit CAB and see where you stand.
  8. I had written permission thankfully.

    I had bought her a very expensive bottle of perfume and card for our wedding aniversary as well. :thumright:
  10. Haha!
    Mug! :D

    My wife has happily accepted the fact that I refuse to buy her flowers as a token of my love because they die, and why would I buy her something that will die, professing it to be because I love her.

    RG if ever that type of thing happens to me mate, I tell them there and then to remove me from any and all contact lists, with a warning about future contact regarding TS.
  11. I would tell them you no longer have a car cos you lost both arms and and both legs in a nasty accident caused by a loose wheel. And then thank them for for bringing up the memories about that car and for putting you back months of recovery.

    They'll either feel guilty and leave you alone. Or realise your taking the piss and will leave you alone. It's the sort of thing I do with phone sales people.
  12. :thumright:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


    Phone rings, Hi Mr Janner, says a voice

    What are you selling asks Mr Janner

    I'm not selling anything I just want to talk about your flight from your last holiday

    I haven't had a holiday since 1980, would I be correct in assuming that the next words you utter will be a lie?

    I must have the wrong Mr Janner - hangs up
  14. You're a bad man tommo. :thumright:

    Keep up the good work.
  15. Why thank you!

    My most recent one was from a company selling their courier services.

    I told them I don't use any form of courier or postal service. They said how do i deliver my goods to my clients I said I carry them myself. They said what if they're local I said I run they then asked about international delivery I said I swim. Phone hangs up

    Got this from a friend - needs sound. Another way of dealing with telesales types...
  17. Had that sort thing myself not long after we start up our company 18months ago.

    Someone wanted to speak to my other half. I said she wasn't available can I help as I was in charge. They said they spoke to my other half(said her name not other half). I said ok they said they spoke about 6 months previously about buying whatever it was I said impossible they said how is it impossible? because we only been going 2 months. Phone hangs up.

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