Perseids Meteor shower

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by cúnt, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. Look up to the stars if you have a cloudless sky. Mahoosive meteors abound.
  2. Been sitting under a pall of low cloud all month and not seen sky for over 3 weeks.

    The night sky is busy at the moment with not only the Perseids to see, but also:-

    Northern Iota Aquarids
    Southern Delta Aquarids
    Alpha Capricornids
    Northern Delta Capricornids
    Kappa Cygnids
    August Eridanis
    Upsilon Pegasids
    Alpha Ursa Majorids
    Gamma Leonids

    Tomorrow the moon will start to Wane Gibbous and by the 20th will be at 68% illumination. Keep looking up; things will get even better.


    PS If the meteor shower looks very low and has a red glow............... take cover. It's tracer.
  3. Good tip. What a resource RR is! Low cloud for me too unfortunately; Bugger it.
  4. Will they still be around tonight?

    Clouds appear to be thinning.
  5. Thanks for the link Sol.

    I seem to remember Patrick Moore a few years ago talking about about a 3 - 4 day viewing window but I wasn't sure when it started.
  6. Yeah, Girlfriend and her housemates are lucky enough to get to see it. Clear skies too. Southern Buggers.
  7. Were any Rum Rationers lucky enough to spot any Perseids yesterday?
  8. I used to see a shower of bright sparks every day. I've retired now, though.
  9. Too cloudy :sad:
  10. Absolutely crystal clear skys last night over the South - could even see the Milky Way quite clearly. Went out about 11pm and saw quite a few Perseids passing over ... not quite the 60 an hour but still quite impressive display as think the main display was about 0200. Did see the space station motoring overhead - about 4 minutes horizon to horizon. Unfortunately the neck ache and 3 or 4 glasses of red collapso took over so headed off to bed!

    If the viewing window is open tonight may well go out and have another look.
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  11. We sat out and saw a lot of very small Perseids and also a couple of mega ones. But certainly not 60 to 100 an hour, about half a dozen.
  12. MGM

    What did that look like as it passed near you? I was trundling around looking for Perseids - saw nothing, there's a surprise - but I had read that the Space Station would be visible and fancied that I saw it, but I had taken my lenses out so it could have been anything! Does it flash or is it a static light?

    I've found a site on which you can sign up for alerts when it's coming your way, so have signed up with a view to seeing it when it is next nearby.

    NASA - Spot The Station

    I don't really know why I bother looking for these things, though - I might as well be in the middle of the pitch at Wembley. So envious of people who live in places like the South Downs and who can go out and look for these astronomical phenomena with a genuine prospect of actually seeing something!
  13. Sol, buy a tablet. Load said tablet with Google Sky. When dark (and cloudless!) take self and tablet into garden/park. Switch on tablet and Google Sky. Be amazed!

    Space station here appears as very bright very fast moving 'giant' star.
  14. Sol

    Came over as a very big bright star ... constant and a lot brighter than the surrounding stars and no flashing red lights so not to be confused with Pontius on his way home with a bag of chips, travelling west to east. We're quite lucky living out in the sticks with quite low horizons (east & west) and it was motoring - only took 3 -4 minutes to go horizon to horizon. Interestly as it got close to the east horizon it obviously got into the "dark side" of the earth as the brilliance faded markedly. Easily seen with the naked eye. Occasionally see satellites but they are a lot smaller and not so bright. Does help if there isn't a lot of light polution.
  15. Yep, like really big bright star, moving quite fast.

    I saw it when the last shuttle flight was getting close to it. It was a Saturday night and I will admit to having had a glass or two when I saw this big bright light crossing the sky. I watched it moving across and it suddenly went out, obviously out of view of the sun. I puzzled for a minute or two as to what I had seen, looked up again and there was another of the buggers! For a short while I contemplated going TT but fortunately that didn't last as I realised what I had seen.

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