Persecuted for wearing a Poppy.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Thor, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Well, the title explain's the dit really!
    On the way home from college yesterday, i bought a Poppy before getting onto the bus. I buy one every year, aswell as adding all my loose change into the box.
    After pinning it onto my jacket, i got onto the bus taking me homeward bound. This is where things start to go wrong, A group of fellow students sat on the bus ask me why im wearing something that supports war and killing. I try and explain to them that it does not support war, just the men whom have fought/fight in them. After being cut down many times i move to a seat further forward on the bus, where i was heckled for wearing it. That the service men and women whom fight deserve to die, and they should not have a day dedicated to them for "only doing their job". This made my blood boil, though i chose to ignore it.

    If this is what i encounter just wearing a poppy, id hate to think what you guys have to encounter serving!

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Deck the throbbers then after stamping your heel in thier faces pinch thier money and give it to the next poppy seller you see.

    I would.
  3. Say "Do I berate you for being cowards? No? Then leave me to honour those that have died in my own way".
  4. I would have lamped every single one of them and shouted cowards all the way. It might have hurt me but by god they would never disrespect service men and women both past present future and those that gave their lives for their country again.
  5. It should be them who are getting persecuted not decent fellows like your self
  6. Explain to them that the only reason pr***S such as themselves have the freedom to sit around belittling decent folk like yourself and the heroes of this country is due to the fact that thousands of good men and women and given their lives 'just doing their job' to protect that freedom.

    I applaud your patience because I doubt I would have had the discipline to keep my head under those circumstances. Just reading that post is infuriating.

    FFS its not like half the fallen who you honour had much bloody choice in whether they fought or not.

    If somehow another major power emerged as a threat to this country, I genuinely wonder how we would defend ourselves with morbidly ignorant hippy left wing twats like these roaming the streets.

    Apologies for the rant.

  7. 1. Motion carried.
    2. Saxon, never apologise for being in the right.
  8. Dicipline is out the window, what they said is disgracefull. And good shout saxon
  9. A big BZ (well done) for not lamping each and everyone of those pacifist lefty bastards, as I could not have held my patience for as long as you did.

    Unfortunately, there will always be arsewipes like them around and; I would put my mortgage on the fact that should our country ever be invaded, they would be the first cowards to ask a service person to defend them.

    Buy another poppy and sit right among them next time, whilst playing 'Hearts of Oak' on your IPOD so loud, they can all hear it and if one of them should complain - twat him.
  10. i was sorely tempted, it took some power not to go ape. However putting a group of c*nts such as themselves in hospital would put a dampner on my application to the RM.
    I do think next time i shall deck them, pinch their money and put it in the tin.
    This is what i hate about being a student, being lumped in with a lot like that, who to me, are the scum of the earth!
    Rant over.

  11. I respect your patience and composure in the fact that you tried to explain things to them, however I can honestly say that come the point where you had to move seats and were still constantly heckled, I would have steamed into the lot of them with boots and fists flying!! FFS why didnt anyone else on the bus say anything either? What has this society come to?

    Things like this really grip my shit!!
  12. The do gooders tried to tell us all hitler was a nice man and that germany wasnt doing anything wrong. What a load of absolute boloks. No one wants war but it happens and those who fall must be remembered
  13. Just point out to them that they must be Nazis.
    Given their opinion on the past sacrifice of many servicemen, they must be quite happy with the idea of (for instance) German rule of Britain / Europe; the Holocaust; ethnic cleansing and so forth - those Nazi ideas which Britain fought to stop.
    Tell them that then see what they say.

    Or maybe they're not intelligent enough to understand that.
    In which case, fcuking belt them one.
  14. Just in case people start slagging off students in general. I would like to inform you that this comming saturday and the next one, two bus loads of students from Nottingham University will hit the streets of Liverpool selling poppies. Yes they have a good night out after and yes they do raise a hell of a lot of money. BZ
  15. At least some have sense
  16. Following on from Dunkers, I'd just ask them what they think about the medical experiments carried out by the Nazis on Jewish children and disabled people before they killed them or the fact that many students in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe were beheaded for opposing the regime or sent to concentration camps.

    You could ask them if it would really have been better to surrender to Hitler than fight. You could also point out the Six Plan, Hitler ordered regarding what was to be done following the capitulation (or conquest) of Britain in 1940. The Six Plan, devised by Dr Franz Six, a senior SS Officer, included deporting all males between the ages of 17 and 45 to mainland Europe to be used as slave labour (to build Speer's massive monuments to Nazism, amingst other things). They were to be worked to death so that Britain would never pose a threat to Germany again. All disabled people were to be killed. Selected women were to be impregnated (ie raped) to breed a new race. Those who refused would face the same fate as males under the age of 17 (too young to be used as slaves): extermination.

    Incidentally the Six Plan was discovered in the ruins of the Reich Foreign Ministry after the fall of Berlin in 1945. It is stamped 'Geheime' (secret) in red gothic script and makes chilling reading. For all those who deny Hitler's role in the Holocaust should be made to read the Six Plan! I read the documents in a book about this period published in the 1970s, but I cannot recall it title or author. The Six Plan is not widely known in Britain, perhaps because it discusses the cooperation the SS were expected to receive from elements within the British Establishment known to sympathise with the regime! It remains one of the most horrifying things I have ever read. Even more horrifying than 'Tales of the Trogs'!
  17. It's not the problem of twatting them,that's too easy,the problem is that these knobhead are the future doctors, lawyers heads of civil service and MP's.Sorry about that I forgot that most MP's are greedy knobheads already.It's the way this country is now and will get worse.
  18. seafarer that is too true and quite a worrying fact. I think all MPs should have to have done military service to sort that problem out. As for the others we will have to cope
  19. The apparent ease of concsience that lead to our last prime minister getting us involved in a war seems, to me, to indicate that people of his generation have no idea what it entails.
    Our local MP in Sussex turned up for the rememberance service last year with scruffy shoes and the hem on his 'cenotaph' overcoat hanging down.
    Mind you the assembled Sea Cadets and Army Cadets were just about as bad, a complete and total shabby bunch.
    I mentioned the lack of appearance to one of the instructors and was told 'I can't tell them to clean their shoes'.
    Ye Gods!
  20. Thor, I do worry for the future, but I applaud your patience, well done in not getting yourself arrested and knowing the justice system in this country, getting a prison sentence for knocking them for six!

    They do not deserve the protection of our armed forces, I think that they should be sent to Iraq to see just how hard the job is.

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