Persec!!!!!!Please all read .

Just a quick one lads,This website is being watched by many many people .Can we watch our persec ,that also means no names of people
or situations that may be or have been involved in court cases. This subject is not to be taken lightly and as many of you know from ''ARRSE''
can come back and bite you on the ''ARRSE'' .
We are all submariners here so our humour and wit is usually right in the gutter ,but being submariners we are all extremely professional so lets keep it like that on RUM RATION. I will do my upmost
to keep this forum on our level but no ''stupidness'' otherwise i will be forced to start locking\editing threads . Serious stuff over , crack on and enjoy, cheers lads

wheelspanner said: was a stoker of the finest surface ships available..the leanders.....submariners...puh !!!
There are only two types of vessels on the seas, submarines and TARGETS , and u my son were a target!

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