Hello All,

This is probably a really stupid question and really obvious.

What does PERSEC/OPSEC stand for a what does it actually mean?

I see it a lot around the site and I have just been wondering.

Thanks in advance,



War Hero
Persec is personal security like names, phone number, address etc

Opsec is operational security, the things you shouldn't talk about re: work lest you give the "enemy" an advantage or reveal how much cash is wasted in Whitehall.
lukep said:
fair one ExRubberdagger i'd love to tell u how much time i've got on my hands but then again CLOCKSEC.
I rest my case oppo!! :thumright:

And stop winding Redyeoman up on Once a Marine he's of a delicate disposition today bless him!!
lukep said:
Ha i thought it was you mate too much of a coincendence
It made me laugh when i joined the site and introduced myself as XRD72. i was then bollocked by the old sweats for using "rubberdagger" as it was no longer appropriate in todays climate. I couldn't fcuking win when i was in-fcuking rubbers-and i still cant win so i'll keep my user name ta very much.

OPSEC ? - What is wrong with the old wartime quote: "Loose lips sink ships".

I feel sure the more smutty among us could have a field-day with innuendo on that one!
lukep said:
I can't tell you mate, its OPSEC.
Sorry Luke but you've just spilled the baked beanz. Operation I can't tell you mate, was a state secret until you revealled it. Now everyone will know that MPs are trying to keep their constituents from locating their taxpayer aided accomodation!


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