Persec Hypocricy and abuse of position.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sniffemout, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. OK so I have an altercation with a MOD. I have made no breach of RR rules and am not a rogue poster.
    I am however the sibling of an ex service woman, and when I first joined the forum (In a hurry) had no email address of my own so used hers.
    I have unashamedly used her email address to log on and never really bothered about changing it. Why would I, as I use this site casually and only when I am at home.

    THEN, I upset a MOD and hey presto Persec goes straight out the window and her email address is posted by another MOD.

    Why? I have never seen this treatment dished out to anyone except Walt's and I have been on here and posted often enough not to be taken as one of them.
    You may not like what I post and have your personal opinion of me which you are entitled to as am I.
    But if it can happen to one member then it can be done to anyone, and I know that emails can be linked to addresses so what value your persec now.
    I have openly in a PM to the MOD who chose to single me out admitted I am related to a long standing member of this forum, not a state secret, but what of his persec then. Or is it a seasonal thing?
    I have never made a claim /statement that gives rise or cause for me to be given the official Walt treatment, there is nothing about me to out.

    Is it because its a MOD?
    No body publishes other members email addresses YET, is this the new forum policy?
    Serious answers preferred from site officials, but not entirely expected.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    I am in agreement re the Persec issue, especially when it has been done by one of those that shouts loudest about it.
  3. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    It is a fair shout in my opinion, some utter trouser stains do deserve outing (Victor G, hairdressing fanny, Leo Tonge etc) But sniffmynicks hadn't exactly reached their levels.
  4. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Stop snifflin sniffy….if you want to fight with the `forces favorite` you need to know …..she fights very…Very dirty

    I know …Ive been there…done that…got the fcukin teeshirt…..

  5. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Commiserations, but it brings the integrity of a forum into disrepute when the very people who preach the rules then break them.

    Must say though that I do not lay the blame for this transgression at her door, and I still am naive enough to think that in a forum such as this the playing field would be less flawed if not flat.
  6. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Nothing to do with me, I had no issues with the original poster and I am still scratching my head as to why she kicked off in the first place..............
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    And yet you have no problem with dragging peoples photo's out of the gallery and posting them to further your own argument, double standards I think. As to people having my e-mail address I couldn't give a fcuk, I cant even remember it, all I know is a little message pops up to tell me I have 1145 unread e-mails in my inbox so I suppose a few more isn't going to tempt me to start reading them.
  8. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    So tell us who you are then, and why we should be interested.

    "Sibling" doesn't quite cut it.
  9. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Don't know what the history is here but it is bad drills to use somebody else's email address, even a relative's. Personally I have 3 one for work, one for personal mail and a 3rd for registering on social networking sites. Like WB's the inbox on the latter account is swamped with emails I never read...
  10. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Throbbing thread.
  11. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Smiffers might be a little coy about revealing who he/she is but, being an open site, appears to have every right to express his/her views and to question those of others - even when a few of the hounds started baying for blood.

    Blobs, but surely that is only just the same as finding and quoting a previous RR thread posting? If so - what is already at this site has to fair game for whatever angle a Poster wants to apply to his/her point/argument; be it a Post, Photo, signature or Avatar etc.

    I, too run several email addresses and although I take care with them they STILL all get flooded with unwanted e-mailies, so I also have to agree with the OP in not wanting an email address exposed in the way it was.

    Anyway without apologising (MODS don't) CorporalSalt seems to have done the desired editing/erasing, just hope it's not too late.
  12. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    When you first register your account your email address is not visible to anyone except site staff (we will never disclose this without a court order - for further information see the the ARRSE Privacy and Security article). BUT - you will see your own email address, as a button on your profile pages and at the bottom of your forum posts

  13. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Personally, I think you are a lil pee'd you've had an email outted that isn;t yours.

    Lesson here - don't use anyone else's details, use your own :wink:
  14. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    I don't give a monkeys what you THINK, its more to do about one rule for one and one for another.
    You'r a mod so you should be enforcing site rules not making exceptions for your chums.
    How you going to hold any credence in future if you condone rule breaking?
    I have PM'd two site mods now and asked for an answer, then guess what silence.
    I tried to discuss the matter out of thread so as not to escalate it, that did not work.
    I borrow cars on occasions, does the thread need to be told this as well.
    The only person I had the remotest concern over was the owner of the email address, they are cool about it so I have no worries.
    You can out me as what.
    I have said nothing outrageous or made claims to be whatever so what
    is the interest? I object within site rules to being singled out for treatment I have never seen on here before and you can bleat until the cows come home it does not alter a thing.
    I have reported the matter to the site owners and wish to discuss it with you no further.
    You will close ranks as is expected.
    It says in the site rules, if you have a problem in forum discuss it with a moderator. And when you collectively have worked out your plan of response then what?
    Like I said I am not naive, I tell whom I want, what I want, when I want.
    Don't you, and if mods can openly flaunt rules, how you ever going to enforce them without looking like a complete and utter hypocrite?
  15. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    It is there in black and white (Well, red) to be fair. MODs have fucked up here have they not? Who's email address it is doesn't matter. You lot bang on about site rules but have violated them yourselves.

    The first step to being a bigger person is admitting you are wrong. :wink:
  16. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    As a Mod unrelated to this whole affair, may I suggest it seems to me it is being blown out of proportion?

    I have yet to see a similar site where there arn't frequent discussions similar to this - Mod vs non-Mod - but there is more to life than RumRation.

    Chalk it down to experience and get on with life. And, whilst it may not be explicitly against the T&C to use someone else's email address, it is very bad practice to do so. You should know that - it's pretty much common sense.
  17. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    It's even worse practice for someone who has the privelage of seeing that email address to then go on and publicise it fella, despite the hilarity it has previously brought.
  18. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    Right I logged on and joined this site one day when I was at my parents drum, and bored. I did not at the time have an email address and did not know how to create one, so I used the oldies with consent.
    But I had read the site rules and knew MOD's could see it and it worried me not. Why would it, and anyway directly under it in black and white was the affirmation that it would never be disclosed.
    Its not the address being published that is the big concern, its the fact that the rules are glibly broken and not one of the mods has a word to say , certainly no apology. And like I said,, is this a testimony to the integrity of this site.
    I would have thought better of a site full of service men and women, ex or serving. Am I wrong, or do names and address's appear next month?
    And they can be found from email addresses if you know what your doing.
  19. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    OK publish all MODS email addresses right now without collating with them.
  20. Re: Persec Hypocracy and abuse of position.

    That has been proven with our hairdressing minge and Leo Tonge. I'll be round yours at three, I'll let myself in.
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