Permitted Antihistamines?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by IS-Potential, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. So as hay fever season is growing ever closer and the time to buy anti histamines grows closer, I thought it prudent to ask in advance which anti histamines are prohibited in the RN? (due to drowsiness or other issues)

    Also am I right in thinking that buying anti histamines over the counter is fine, but having them prescribed is frowned on / against the rules? Wondering as for some anti histamines its more cost effective if they are prescribed as the doc can issue a larger quantity for same or slightly more money.

    I'm close to the end of the application process and would rather not stick my foot in it this close to the end.

    Thanks in advance for any help given and apologies if I missed a previous thread which has answered this when I did a forum search.
  2. ISP

    The oracle on questions such as this one is AngryDoc, who is the Mod. for Health and Fitness.

    With a bit of luck, he will be doing a Rum Ration ward round over the weekend and you should have the answer you need by Monday.
  3. Soleil: Thanks very much for your reply.

    Don't want to go and waste money on anti histamines and then be told they aren't permitted or go and buy them when it would be OK to ask my doctor to prescribe them instead and save some money in the process and get a larger quantity issued. Plus I might not need them, but would rather have some just in case I start sneezing and the old nose starts running.
  4. well-timed bump ....
  5. When I was in the mob I used to take Clarityn with no snags. It never came up as an issue. I found my hayfever and allergies disappeared at sea, for obvious reasons but they got a lot worse when I was back alongside.
  6. Sorry Soleil - I entered the ward briefly earlier on but then an emergency happened and the ward round disintegrated rapidly. I've now had my coffee and all is well with the world.

    Antihistamines - common sense really. Not a huge problem when in the 'real' Navy - not much issue with pollen at sea. When alongside, the use of sedating as against non-sedating antihistamines isn't as much of an issue but common sense should prevail. I'd go for the nonsedating types if it were me.

    Of course, I wouldn't imagine you're that dependent on them or you wouldn't have passed your entry medical in the first place...
  7. Thanks angrydoc for the reply,
    Usually have little or issues in the South of England due to slightly different plants compared to the northern wastes of Scotland where I hail from, so alongside should hopefully be fine.

    Can I ask if ONLY Over The Counter types are ok? or are prescribed ok also? (Money saving as mentioned before...I'd rather not line Tesco or Boots pockets unnecessarily if I can avoid it really)

    Thanks for the reply, its appreciated.
  8. There are no specific regulations on this, but be aware that you are not allowed to take gallons of medication into RALEIGH with you. If you have lots of anti-histamines you may be asked to rock up to Sickbay to have a chat. That won't be a problem in itself, just a bit of extra embuggerance.
  9. Thanks for the further reply, very helpful points made.

    In answer to your information, it wouldn't be a large amount just 30 - 60 days worth to get me through the 1-2 months when the pollen levels tend to be at their highest. So basically 2 small boxes or possibly one very small bottle.

    Also I'm not going to Raleigh... aiming to go to BRNC Dartmouth, which is why I'm trying so hard not b*gger things up at the last minute.

    So next is comparing the price at the chemist compared with the prescription cost and see what works out cheaper.

    Thanks again.
  10. I will be taking 100 Clarityn with me to Dartmouth next month, if I have any issues i'll let you know.
  11. Cheers, might be there with you though.
    Oh well someone to share flack from the medical officer with ;-)
    Or suffer from allergy related misery on dartmoor :evil:
    Thanks though 8)

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