Permission to process- Having a few problems

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scouse_Castaway, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Serious post from me (I know, rare of late but this has me quite stressed.

    Because I used to be a STAB until 2007 my Careers Advisor requires a copy of my Certificate of Discharge/Certificate of Termination from the Army to show what type of discharge I recieved. I recieved a Discharge At Own Request under TA Regs 5-188 according to the written details I recieved from my old TA unit today.

    The APC at Glasgow hasnt been helpful when I wrote requesting the certificate and my CA is asking me to contact them again to try and get it, otherwise he'll have to just send what he currently has (Certificate of service which was all TA gave me originally and doesnt show my Queens Regulation) but he doesnt think Id have a chance of being accepted without the above document.

    Anyone got any experience of dealing with the APC? or suggestions about handling this?

    Im getting quite worried now as they aint been very helpful and I have put everything into getting into the Navy

  2. Have you rung them to discuss this problem with them?

    We're talking Kentigern House, aren't we?
  3. Yup, thats the folks. I recieved the short letter from them stating that the Cert of Service (not what the CA needs) is all I get but when he rang them today they said I should have a cert of termination apparently but they never sent me this when I left TA. I plan to call them tomorrow morning but this is just so worrying as my CA says I have minimal chances without the Certificate of getting permission to process
  4. If yo can get a contact phone nubmer for Glasgow, then give them a ring. When you eventually get to the person dealing with your request, be polite, but make sure you ask them for their name. Normally this makes them accountable and may help in the process. If you then have to chase them yet again, go back to that person and request the name and phone number of their supervisor. But politely !!
  5. Of course, always polite when dealing with Administerial types. Otherwise you get nowhere.
  6. So, in a nutshell, it is imperative that Kentigern House issues a Certificate of Discharge/Certificate of Termination for you.
  7. According to my recruiter yes. He said today that they need it to prove the manner in which I left (TA unit AO said to me its Discharged At Own Request under TA Regs 5-188) as my Certificate of sevice doesnt show such details. And he said without it, with the current situation regarding the forces, I wouldnt get permission to process.

    This is really worrying me which is rare as usually I dont let much bother me
  8. Never thought Id actually have a day where I regretted ever joining the TA.

    Would have thought all this sort of thing would be computerised and available that way to all Services
  9. im sorry but shouldn't they they have access to all information including type of discharge up there?
  10. Aye, I wrote to them at request of my CA requesting my discharge certificate. They wrote back claiming TA dont recieve them, yet Navy say that they cant process me further without it to prove why I left. So CA contacted them again to query their reply and they said I should have gotten a Cert of Termination which I aint had from TA. All very frustrating, confusing and worrying
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This is a common issue & relatively easily solved.

    Firstly a bit of background:

    The problem with people with former service is that for all we know, they were discharged on disciplinary or medical grounds which make them unsuitable for further military service. For example historically we've had incidences of people being discharged temperamentally unsuitable following an operational tour in the TA who did not disclose the reason. Similarly there have been incident(s) of some who served in the regular service discharged for drugs, paedophilia etc., who have been permitted to join the reserves without discharge documentation. Finally we've had people join one service, whilst technically "on the books" with another service who have then been compulsorily mobilised.

    Discharge certificates are not always issued to those leaving the TA as many people just stop attending.

    Your unit should be able to issue one upon request, they aren't usually held by Kentigern House, but the APC may be able to provide a screwenshot of your recorded termination category on their system. What the Naval service needs to know, from a current official source is basically two things:

    1. Have you been completely discharged from former service with no recall liability?

    2. Under what category where you discharged?

    This can be demonstrated with a discharge certificate issued by your former reserve unit retrospectively, a screenshot provided by APC or a letter from one of your former unit serving officers confirming your dates of service, confirming you are free from recall liability & the Queens Regulations Army discharge category.
  12. Absolute Clowns,

    I live at No 8, they send my mail to No 3 (Empty House), however posty knows me so.

    I wrote to advise on this and letter came back confirming they had No 8 on their system, sent again to No 3 (handwritten). Sent complete letter back again. I recieved a letter back saying sorry for their mistake again sent to no 3!!!
  13. ......and give 'em back that Queens Shilling? (That is if the TA ever dished them out :wink: .)
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Perhaps someone at the APC has a sense of humour, assuming that's whom you're referring to.
  15. They certainly don't anymore :eek: .

    I'll be lucky to get my MOD90 before December at this rate. Just in time to give it back in *touch wood*
  16. I got my MOD90 two years after joining. They forgot to ask for it back till I gave it to em.

    Spoke to APC this morning who said they couldnt help as JPA has no details of any regs relating to discharge but the AO at my old unit has agreed to type up a letter on Headed paper stating the date of termination, my service no and the type of discharge recieved, in my case Discharged at Own Request under TA Regs 5-188. Seems like all Im going to get.

    As to the shilling......the hordes of scousers before me must have pilfered them all
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    That'll do nicely, sir.
  18. Apologies for dragging a 3 year old thread back up but at least this shows I have used the search function!

    I also have to prove my discharge was not on medical or disciplinary grounds as I left the TA in February. 3 years on is this, along with submitting a SAR to the APC the only method? I still have access to Army Net but I assume given my luck in managing to find nothing, a letter from my old unit or the APC is the only way. Surely they will accept SAR via email or is it still snail mail?

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