permission to come aboard.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pierheadjump, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Cheers all.
    From my comic cuts.
    Joined Shotley G-spot 22/4/68 Frobisher 35 mess 311 class.
    HMS Collingwood 20/3/69
    HMS Hermes 30/10/69 -21/10/70
    HMS Kent till 10/5/71
    HMS Dolphin till 30/8/71
    HMS/m Revenge (stbd) till Feb 75
    Collingwood again (Killicks)
    HMS Neptune
    HMS/m Renown (stbd) 76-79
    Collingwood again (PO,s)
    HMS Antelope
    Then civvy street end of 82.

    Have greatly enjoyed this site now for a while ... thought it time to join in the fun.. hope to meet old oppo's & make some new ones. Please be gentle with me till I get the hang of it

    Cheers Aye.
  2. Welcome aboard :)
  3. Hello Mate,
    Don't forget to salute the quarterdeck

    Hope the stabbing wasn't at the G spot by wrtrken :smile:
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Welcome, enjoy.

    How do you remember all those dates, I can't remember where I was last year :wink:
  5. Nah, Istanbul they kept putting peanuts on our bar table, we kept eatin em
    they would refill, at time of departure they tried to charge us for them, feckin peanut bill was larger than booze bill, fisty cuffs ensued, thought i had been punched in the back but every where i turned blood sprayed, I thought i was doing really well turks covered in blood BEFORE I had even punched em! Hey ho pissed again.
  6. Comic cuts mate its all there in black & white aint you got yours?
    I edited it a little bit, because I was so excited about talking to mate a lots agin
  7. Not that kind of stabbing I was on about PJ Thought you might have been at the G spot at the same time as wrtrken, who may have tried to stab you with his pork sword :smile:
  8. :grin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :grin:

    Ken was there in 1963 Slim!

    Welcome onboard Pierheadjump... very impressed that you referred to that place as the G Spot without being asked... A First for RR!... looks like a Shotley Medal for Initiative will be coming your way! :grin:
  9. Sorry Steve,
    I thought he may have returned to the scene of his crimes :smile: :oops:

    (it wasn't legal then, well not until you had been to sea for a couple of weeks :smile: )
  10. Sorry lads, but if thats his real picture I could tell by the eyebrows and lips
    Yea his boooks are Literery pap for a particular audience,
    No problem with that. He got through shotley. hats off to the bloke.
    And yes I work in the field full of of Diva's, bitchiness EtC but THIS BLOKE IS SELF PROMOTING, I've got a very expensive agent for that........
  11. Ah Feck. Not another bloody tin badge was tryingto keep me head down
  12. Welcome to the site "PHJ" , enjoy it , there is some good peaple on here , :wink:
  13. YeaH ; I know it ....cheers .....Lamri, Slim ; Chieftiff. dondon & Always thankyou for making me so welcome in my first few hours aboard...... I Love it : True blue comrades. Opening a can, Hope to get know you all soon. Cant wait to say hello To all the others including Lingyai. HA

  14. Nowt wrong with "Lingyai" , I served on Hecla with him no problems at all , get in there mate & enjoy , :wink:
  15. Yeah Sorry did'nt mean it like that, have been watchin Site for a while
    Seen your names, your postings,
    Full Respecks

    Meant that. Say no more
  16. Lingy's OK once you get to know him. Just remember if he tries to wind you up, you know what needs to be done :lol:.

    Your powers of detection are interesting... when I first saw Ken's piccy I assumed that he was as straight as Dondon... Oops, er, what have I said... :oops: :grin:
  17. Welcome to the site PHJ.

    I was in Dolphin and Faslane (R Boats) around about your dates. Give me a PM and we can sort out if we know each other.

    Again welcome to the mad house.

  18. AAAAgh. No problem, I seem to have been misunderstood once again. Let me explain >I wuz born a Janner, Lived in Pompey, Jockland and a few places in between but wont mention them. Having seen this Site, Laughed out loud, on my own, and maintain the spirit of a G-spot( why am I always smiling when my wife hates me) Faith , Hope & Charity thats why

    believe me Lingyai ,and all others, except self promoting tosspots

    NO sorry I could go on But I wont I am soOOO angry , I could scratch his eyes out
  19. '...scratch his eyes out!...' :shock: You're beginning to sound like Higgy's French bird... hehehehehe! :grin: :smile: (If indeed she was French and was a Bird!)... :???: :roll:

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