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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. well done to all concerned
  2. That was very moving, watched it live Congratulations to all concerned.

    Do you think the pubs in Ashtead are prepared for the celebratory bender that might be about to unfold...................
  3. erm..... is there a link?oh OK Headley Court I imagine. BZ
  4. The right decision too......BZ all concerned
  5. I assume this is Headly Court , BZ to all concerned , they should hang there heads in shame .
  6. Anyone got a link. I'm a little bit off the piste (as opposed to being a little bit pissed) and haven't caught up with the story.

  7. Never mind; just found it.

    Good decision by the council and nice to see it was 17 to nil in favour. Also interesting to see the petition reach 43000 signatures so quickly. I suspect it would have gone well into six figures if it had needed to run for longer.

    Lesson here is to never underestimate the power of the petition, especially if the number of signatures rises quickly.

  8. Excellent news, and congratulations to all others who expressed their support. You never know, - a few more like this and we might see the return of democracy to this stricken land.

  9. Excellent News, but just shows a cancer in our society with the way the public view service men & women.

    I served a while in USA, and their society reveres service men. Everywhere I went I was afforded a warm welcome in uniform, and an equally warm one when my service was made public.

    In the UK I would be fearful of walking down the street in uniform. In fact I heard recently of a ships co. taking the freedom of a city and being pelted with pop cans. Shame on some of the UK public (but not all for those civvies watching!)
  10. I just lifted this from the Daily Mail web site. Great news and well done all.

    "But last night Mole Valley district council gave the go ahead for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association to use the £1.7 million six-bedroom house in Grays Lane for short-term accommodation for up to 12 relatives at a time.

    The association said it was "delighted" by the decision.

    Spokesman Athol Hendry said: "We would like to extend our thanks to the huge number of people who have publicly supported our application. We are enormously grateful to each and every one of them. "
  11. If you read some of the reports of those from ARRSE who went and leafleted in Ashtead in the run up to last nights planning meeting you would see that there was overwhelming support in the community for the project and that the opponents were a very small minority orchestrated by a few people who may or may not have had another axe to grind. Equally I suspect the yobs you mentioned who threw cans a the sailors parading through a town would have done the same who ever had been marching service or not. As for wearing uniform in public I often see servicemen in uniform on the streets and members of the cadet forces and never see any problems even when I lived in one of the rougher areas of town.
  12. Maxi,

    Fair point and I agree. I was attempting to compare our publics attitude with that of the USA. Over there they are overtly supportive of the troops, something of a lesson I feel we could learn.
    I personally have never suffered abuse in public, far from it in fact, but I get the feeling that this is not the way it will be in the future.
    BUT, I don't want to detract from the original subject, it's fantastic news and all those who played any part in the issue should take a pat on the back.
  13. Quite right!

    I saw a few of the dissenters on the morning news, saying "this is a quiet neigbourhoos blah blah blah," this is had trouble hearing him as his interview coincided with a jumbo jet going overhead!!

    Not THAT quiet then eh pal. Well done to all concerned for their hard work.
  14. I think today we get misled by soundbite journalism where those who get in the headlines tend to be those with the more extreme views. At heart the average person in the UK is more like the baggage handler who got stuck in at Glasgow Airport w few weeks back (If it had not been for the smoking ban he wouldnt have been ther, just a thought). The septics are far more openly demostrative but often in reality far less personally committed than we are.
  15. Dont quite agree with this statement GM
    There was a bit of a stink early this year when somebody blew the whistle about the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington
    See this link to the Washington Post
    and this one to CNN
    It appears that wounded servicemen might not be getting the correct care and treatment they should expect, on both sides of the pond.

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