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Perminatly medically unfit

I received a letter off Capita saying that I was Perminantly Medically Unfit. The reason they gave me is 'your medical history of asthma with use of inhaler and oral steroids for wheeze in 2015 and significant level of varibility seen on your Peak Flow Diary reacordings means that you fail to meet the required medical standards'.
The thing is I've never had athsma in my life, and the inhaler and oral steroids were for my bronchitis I had which lasted for 1 or 2 weeks. Although when they gave me my peak flow diary I was reaching 300 at the start as I had a cold but after that was finished I was hitting 400-450 (I'm a female, 5'5). It says on the letter that I can appeal, but how do I go about it?
Sorry to hear of your situation.

Not a qualified medical professional, but another frequent occurrence....

Whilst not diagnosed with asthma, the likelihood is there were asthma symptoms. Trouble is, a repeat history of steroidal treatment indicates a potentially life-threatening condition.

The medical standards for entry are non-negotiable, so an appeal would need to provide qualified evidence that you did not have asthma symptoms in order to submit an appeal. This should include a new peak-flow diary, a letter from your GP detailing the specific circumstances and history and any other supporting evidence such as a prolonged training diary, maybe even consider getting an independent pulmonary lung function test to prove you are 100% asthma-free.

One thing I would caution is that if you have a repeat prior history of prescriptions for asthma inhalers, in particular steroidal, then an appeal is unlikely to succeed.

The specific medical standards can be viewed them here (assuming the link is current). Read it thoroughly :

Best of luck
Hi! I went to the doctors today, to see what information they gave the navy and that I was ticked off for not having athsma. Although I did when I was younger in 2001 but that was many years ago as its 2016 now. Also the doctor specified that oral steroids and the inhaler were for an infection not for a wheeze although I had wheezing symptoms?
I don't really know how to go about my appeal? I know that sounds stupid but should I ask my gp for a peak flow diary and a supporting letter to what they sent to the RN? Would that be enough?
I called up the Royal Navy asking about my appeal process and I spoke to a guy who told me that I won't be able to appeal because the doctor prescribed me with an inhaler last year for bronchitis. I'm so angry. He said it doesn't matter what type of inhaler it's for whether it's for hayfeaver or whatever. The MOD won't accept you till your clear in the next 4 years. Can I genuinely not do anything? Where even on the MOD does it state that?
Asthma, wheeze or asthma symptoms or treatment within the past four years.

copied from the eligibility form, its the same for all armed forces and i think (im not medically qualified) bronchitis is classed as asthma like symptoms hence the inhaler.

I couldnt join at 16 because of it (im 24 now) just one of those things.
Pending a reply from angrydoc, your GP will be sent a letter/questionnaire detailing your medical history (symptoms, prescriptions, severity, frequency, type of medication, dates, etc).

You will also be required to undergo a 4 weak peak flow diary.

Upon completion of both issues a decision will be made. Most people not prescribed steroids & 4 years clear of signs, symptoms & treatment are passed fit if the peak flow is OK.

Fuller details here:

Good luck.
Thank you @Ninja_Stoker for your reply! I'm bringing my medical history printout anyway and I'm hitting just above 80% of my peak flow score (only got little lungs!). Hopefully this will be the start of a good thing!

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