Permanently Medically Unfit

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by HPBBQSAUCE, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Some six months back I was denied in the medical because I had taken Anti-depressants for a short period as a result of my father becoming chronically ill. I would have been fine without them but my job is customer facing and I need to appear happy, so I thought nothing of it.

    I waited the full year as I was advised and thought I'd try the Army this time...

    Turns out they made me Permanently Medically Unfit for just a measly 6 months Anti-depressants usage. So now the Army are unable to touch me.

    I've tried ringing the Navy and asked to speak to someone in the medical profession who could perhaps take another look at the awful choice; but I'm having no luck.

    I know alot of you will say "tough" etc, but being made Permanently Medically Unfit is just too far. I know a guy who tried to commit suicide twice and was only deferred for two years!

    Anyone friendly chaps know how I would escalate this?
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  2. Go back to your Careers Office and speak to your Careers Adviser that dealt with you. Ask to see the AFCO ME and have your case reviewed. It would also help greatly if you spoke to your GP and asked him for a letter about your prescription which you can give to the AFCO ME. Don't go in the AFCO spouting off but approach it in a sensible manner. Speak to your GP first and get that letter. You may have only be made PMU for a certain period of time. Listen closely and make sure you understand what's being said to you. Good Luck.
  3. I was made PMU (P8) when I first applied for the RN back in 79. However after an operation to correct the difference in leg length, I re-applied 18 months post-op, explaining that I had the "problem" corrected - Got through the medical with no problem.
    Do not be put off with the term "Permanently" Unfit used by the Examining MO and Careers Staff - It is possible to reversed the decision if the condition now longer applies. Get that letter from your GP and present it to the Careers Staff - and that's the start to your request to be re-considered.
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  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to hear of your situation.

    As TBS states, pending a definitive answer from the medical officer stating the precise reason for being found medically unsuitable, it is not possible to appeal on the grounds that it may feel unfair.

    Generally the medical rejection letter will state if an application maybe re-submitted after a certain period of time has elapsed or if it is an outright no-go. An appeal can only be lodged if the diagnosis of a condition can be proven incorrect or imprecise by a medical expert in the case of a permanent bar.

    Whilst it's easy to speculate or assume, it may well be that there are other factors such as a repeated history of a recurring condition or indeed other medical issues or circumstances.

    As stated above a matter-of-fact approach to the issue is more likely to result in a clear outcome, either way.

    So he may claim however being allegedly knocked-back for a couple of years for attempted suicide, is unlikely. He should probably be aware that more than one episode of deliberate self harm is usually a permanent bar, so after a couple of years have elapsed he will undoubtedly be further disappointed should he later return and the medical history fully investigated.

    In any event best of luck in achieving a favourable outcome to your own circumstances.

    Just to add - what mad-Doc states....
  5. I went through all this six months ago unfortunately.

    I asked my Doctor to send a letter to AFCO explaining that I'm healthy along with a constructive letter from myself explaining the situation and that there is nothing wrong with me etc.

    I then received a reply from the AFCO regional manager (the officer at AFCO referred to him as that) saying that all decisions are final and that I don't have the right to dispute unless I've been wrongly diagnosed.

    It was only today however, that I heard back from the Army. They say that they can't touch my application any more as the Navy has made me Permanently Medically Unfit.

    6 months of Anti Depressants which I've been off for over a year and I'm PMU...

    Oh and cheers for the replies guys
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Again, each case differs & only a qualified medical officer in possession of the full facts can offer definitive guidance unfortunately.

    Experience very often reveals that the categoric facts stated from one viewpoint may differ from those stated from another, so it would be unwise to advise beyond the advice already offered in good faith.
  7. I'm supposed to get a call back in the next few weeks from an important bloke regarding my situation. I'll keep you all updated

  8. Erm, read the sticky about appeals at the top of the Health & Fitness forum guys.....
  9. I understand your post Angrydoc but I've spoken to alot people at AFCO and via the career lines (all forces) and my sister is a corporal in the Army. The normal thing would be to defer me for 1 or 2 years...

    The fact that they've not deffered me and instead tagged me as Permanently Medically Unfit so I can't ever join any of the 3 services is the joke here. I mean; does this sound right to you?
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  10. It does sound a bit harsh but then I haven't seen your records and don't know the full story.

    I think you need to follow this through with the AFCO and appeal to an ME if you feel it is appropriate.
  11. For anyone hoping to join the Royal Navy or RAF and dont want outdated information, I went in for my medical yesterday (18th sept) and was found permanently unfit to join. Turns out that being given tablets (citalopram) advised by my GP 2 years ago for longer than 3 months is a permanent bar to entry. Would have been nice to have been notified about this before taking them or notified by the AFCO earlier in the application process instead of wasting months of time and almost £100 on travel and other expenses.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to year of your circumstances. The disappointment is entirely understandable.

    AFCO staff (of which I'm one) are not permitted to give definitive medical advice and as such, the "Yes/No" decision rests with the Medical Examiner once in possession of the complete medical history. We have no right to enquire with regard private medical matters. Hopefully common sense would apply and individuals may appreciate certain conditions significantly affect employability in the extreme rigours and duress associated with service life.

    There are eligibility guidance notes on the website, which every applicant is given a link to & which they are specifically requested to acknowledge having read, at the point of applying. It lists potential bars to entry:

    For those prepared to search a little deeper, there are also online resources which can give more specific detail:

    Nevertheless, best of luck in your future career aspirations.
  13. Ninja Stoker, is there a way in which I can direct message you with a query regarding being made PMU. I have followed your threads throughout my medical process and have found you very helpful with your replies. Thankyou in advance.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, just enter my username in the participants box, as written & fire away:

  15. Just to update this with more recent information, I was on anti-depressants (I believe unnecessarily) for approximately a year up until around this time last year. I sent an email to the Service Entry Medical Cell this morning and received an email from a Sgt (I won't use their name in case any info is wrong, although I'm sure it's all accurate) soon after stating the following, although I'm paraphrasing.

    If you are treated for depression which is attributed to a single significant cause, and your treatment is completed by 12 months then you have to have had a period of 2 years treatment and symptom free prior to application. The sgt recommended August 2017 for me.
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