Periscope image simulator

I visited the Submarine school at HMS Raleigh in the Summer,and was shown a simulator that produces images of different vessels as seen through a periscope.
I was just thinking that this piece of software would be a good tool to distribute for recruiting purposes.Kids love computer games,perhaps a few basic versions could be sent to Sea Cadet units and other interested parties.
spearfish said:
NO !!You are obviously ignorant of this product.Would you want to give it to an adolescent sea cadet??
Not particularly.... I'd take them to visit a turkey broiler instead, a few weeks before Christmas, just so they know what's involved in producing Xmas lunch! :twisted:

Right, it's time for me to down periscope before I say something else inappropriate... =(

As they say... when in a hole stop digging! :oops:

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