Performance artist dressed in DPM lying on pavement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by nutty_bag, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. A performance artist has been given a grant of several thousand pounds to dress up in DPM rig, wear a red (Not maroon) lid and lie on the pavement in the middle of Birmingham. When interviewed, the "Artist" said that he was doing it to make people aware of war!! My view is that he is a complete knobber!! Your views are welcome and if you live in the midlands check out Midlands today on bbc1.
  2. Whats worse than the knobber is the fact that theres even bigger knobbers willing to give him several thousand pounds to do it in the first place , you could'nt make it up as Richard Littlejhon would say , :twisted: :twisted:
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Could this be a solution to the disappearing RNR travel budgets? Get local authority grants for the whole unit and give these to the support managers for use on real activities; then at random time intervals, station our stalwart reservists, in rig, sprawled out at key strategic points around our city centres. That will a) give the public awareness of the war (assuming of course that we've got copies of the original artist's red lid) and b) raise the public profile of the Reserves in a manner thats acceptable to our trendy lefty politicos!
  4. Had a thought (wasn't too painful for a bootneck)
    Perhaps as it's in Birmingham it's a variation of the stinger device as used by the police and Armed forces at dodgy VCP's. Instead though this device is used at strategic points to trip up and detain any AQT suspects that are in the area. :lol:
    Joking aside, a few years ago there was what was described by police as a bomb scare in broad street Birmingham. However, i had it on reasonably good authority that in fact what had happened were a number of terrorist suspects were seen in the area carrying AK's ready to attack or destroy a prime target. Have any of you out there heard otherwise or is this "Source" unreliable?
  5. I'd just love to see him try it in Poole, Taunton, Exeter or Arbroath.
  6. It’s all down to so called elite of society who no one voted for that run this country. Who ever gave this mob the power I don’t know, but the mob in government in power at the moment have only made matters worse IMHO and don’t ask me who started it all because I just don’t know and don’t really know or care apart from the whole lot should be shot.

  7. Ditto me old mate , :twisted:
  8. All they had to do is go to Aldershot on Payday and scrape one up off the street!
  9. y pay an artist thousands wen u could pay a homeless person £20 to do it.. then the remaining money can be put forward for a free bar for matlows... hahh
  10. So who's the biggest knobber? The knobber on the street, the knobber who ok'd the money, or the knobber on auntie Beeb that gave the original knobber airtime?
  11. there all knobbers
  12. Damn tootin'.

    Hanging's too good for them.
  13. I suggest shooting them, artistically of course, with brightly coloured water pistols filled with sulphuric acid and watch 'em smoulder :twisted: I call that Performative Art. They could thus demonstrate the pain and suffering of real injuries on real people by experiencing real pain themselves. And no money would be lost 'cause they'd be mates of Davy Jones. :twisted:

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