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Perfect name for the job.


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Nicked from the other site but sounds like a wind up name.

Dr. Richard (Dick) Chopp is well known in the Austin community for performing Vasectomies. He also enjoys treating patients with metabolic evolution of kidney stone disease, male endocrine urology disorders, prostate disease and Peyronie's disease. He has extensive laparoscopy surgery experience, is on the transplant team and performs Living Donor Nephrectomy.

He's on this website

Dr. Richard Chopp | The Urology Team


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We had a leading cook Cook on Illustrious and a seaman operator Bollard in the entry after us if that helps any. ;-)


worked for an electrical firm in guzz and the rep for our metal suppliers was called mr rust.


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My Killick Caterer on the Galatea was called Duncan Mailie. He had transfered to the CA's branch from WTR! :)
Always used to raise a smile in the Sales office whenever an order came in from this lot - no idea why . . .

Wayne Kerr Electronics - home page

When I was on 360 squadron a crab from 100 Squadron rang up and asked to borrow the Wayne Kerr Engine Test Set, I told him F*ck off I'm not falling for that one. Told one of the engine men what had happened and he took me into stores and there is was all shiney with Wayne Kerr on the brass name plate!

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Got my first slapping as a baby greenie because of Wayne Kerr when a 3 badge killick told me to get one from stores, thought it was a wind up so told him to fuck off. Percussion training at it's best :)


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At Raleigh, a lad in our baby dabbers class had a surname of Seaborne
Broadsword had a killick reg Watson, MAA Holmes and a POWEA Crook just for good measure. Drafty must have worked overtime to create that scenario.

Maximus Acidus

We have a Staffy here who'se surname is Sargeant. "Good afternoon Staff Sargeant speaking" - "Staff Sergeant who......" ha, ha, ha he loves it


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We have a Staffy here who'se surname is Sargeant. "Good afternoon Staff Sargeant speaking" - "Staff Sergeant who......" ha, ha, ha he loves it

I know an Adjutant called Captain ****ingshitcunt.

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On 899 there was a civvy in the admin office who's surname was Spender, her brother was a major in the army pay corp.

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