Peregrine Trophy 2011 - The Royal Navy's Annual Photographic Competition

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Is that your photostream stewie? some great shots on there.
  2. is indeed mate and thanks
  3. I am not an expert in photography by any means, in fact i know nothing, but the black and white photo is one of the best i have ever seen, truly a great pic.
  4. Just added you as a contact
  5. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Agreed! Very atmospheric, excellent photo. I'm sure I've seen a few "Stewie" photos in Navy News, if that was you, you've got an eye for it.
  6. i have just realised that i posted an incorrect photo (the one of the York) which was not actually an entry for the Phot awards, apologies for this. (Stewie)
  7. You can edit that post and replace it with another photo if you want to, Stewie.

    BTW have you been at Trinity House this evening?
  8. indeed i was, was a very good evening indeed... my head hurts now though lol
  9. None of the phot branch have materialised on Facebook yet today... which suggests some very sore heads after last night. The RN Photographer of the Year's renowned for enjoying a night out. He's also a bloody good photographer. :)
  10. The awards was most certainly entertaining at trinity hse, with the help of a precision air raid by by one of Her Majestys Pigeons...Doh
  11. Go on then, tell us more ...

    I thought the entries were fabulous btw and beautifully displayed. Trinity House is superb inside too, which made the exhibition of the winning photographs look even more stunning.
  12. i was first up to collect... i was a tad nervous, but i actually quite like Admiral Stanhope, he seems quite a nice chap..
  13. The new phot of the year was quite happily engaged carrying out a RAS(L) out side the "Liberty Bounds" when he became a victim of a precision airstrike, which not only hit him in the shoulder of his finest, but deflected it into his drink!. However not deterred after the hysterics abaited, he then still still went on to scupper it

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