Percy Refused Hotel Room - Cue Howls of Indignation


War Hero
So when did stripping off become a problem? jolly Jack has done it for years, in Bars, Clubs, Trains, Planes and Boats and even at times in bedrooms, though in bedrooms he is normally found in the morning fully booted and spurred lying on top of the bed. :w00t:
My best, was flying from RAF Stanstead
I was booked in a sharing room for early morning flight as

RS J McHammocklashing and crashed out early with lots of drink and readiness for early morning flight to GIB

Early morning call for flight, my companion When I awoke was a

MRS Xxxxx from Newcastle :)

I do not recall who was the most shocked

Jack McH


War Hero
Looks as if the outrage bus (ARRSE term) has had a steering gear failure and the thread looks as if it has now run its course.